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Kodak Tri-X Reversal - Super 8 Movie Film

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Kodak's Tri-X reversal film is a panchromatic black-and-white move film with plenty of character. It can be processed as negative, but putting it through the positive process will result in optimal clarity, minimal grain, and of course the ability to put it straight in a projector to see what you've created!

An iconic film for capturing special moments.

Also known by its film stock number: 7266


Format: Super 8
Colour: B&W
Type: Slide
ISO: 200
Length: 50ft / 15m
Pack size: 1


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Customer Reviews

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Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners, Street Photography, Travel
Surprisingly versatile

When using this film I was worried that the fact that not only was it black and white, but also a reversal films. Adding a lot of restriction to the overall film with the monochrome cast, but also I was worried about the exposure latitude after having problems with colour reversal super 8 films.

However I shouldn't have worried, it performed amazingly in challenging light, both indoors and out, and the quality/ grain under a 3k scan looks better than any other film I've shot ( 200t, 500t , Ektachrome e100)

10/10 would absolutely recommend