Lab-Box: the Multiformat Daylight-Loading Film Tank

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
ashleygphotography (Dagenham, GB)

This is such an amazing piece of equipment that I have wanted for ages. Well it is epic and easy to use I have developed a 1980s 1990s and now the newer film now days. and it's lovely to develop film straight after I have taken them and can get them done so quick it's crazy.

leila (Kingston upon Thames, GB)
Great ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Bought the Lab Box a while ago, but was nervous to use it. When I finally did, it pleasantly surprised me. It was easy to use and I had no issues. I think the main thing is making sure you put each part together properly and your film is on the spool correctly. I used a YouTube video tutorial to make sure I was doing it right. The first roll I developed had a lot of water spots on it, so I highly recommend a final rinse with distilled water. My second roll had zero water spots after using this method. Overall, love the Lab Box and give it 5 stars :).

Paul W.
Modern Agfa Rondinax.

I use this for 120 developing. There are some good improvements over the Rondinax 60. The spool lock & pressure plate is better thought out, as is the slot for pulling the backing paper through. TIP! If your film has been in the camera for a while or it's summer, leave the exposed taped roll in the fridge or freezer to stiffen the film to encourage it to coil into the chamber. Since doing this l have had 100% success in loading without affecting developing Also. Pull the film paper between thumb & forefinger slowly in small movements to ensure successful film coiling. You are not recommended to use Fomapan film, it doesn't coil as with Rondinax 60. Ilford processes great as its plastic is thicker.
For 35mm l have an old Agfa Rondinax which will process Fomapan, my favourite 35mm B/W film. LAB BOX say Fomapan will not develop with their module.
The Lab box is well thought out & a joy to use. Expensive, but worth the money as it is nice to have something new instead of making good with old worn stuff that may ruin your negs.

Tim (Kempston, GB)
Great product!

Never having home developed before, I've found this device makes it very easy. I've tried 120 and 35mm black and white film without any issue. I'm not sure that I wouldn't have messed it up using a normal tank. The ability to load the film in daylight makes it so much more convenient. The only minus point is probably the price!

Lab box

Easy to use, quick, compact, hassle free, can load film without darkbag. Thoroughly enjoying using the lab box so far.

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