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Master of the Darkroom Arts - Film Photography Pin

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You have studied hard. You have invested hours in the dark, in quiet contemplation of exposure times. You have surprised your family and friends by emerging from cupboards with a chemical smell and a great big grin.

And now Congratulations - you have made it to Master of the Darkroom Arts! Please use your powers for good in this world.

A wonderful accessory to your camera gear, as well as the perfect gift for an analogue friend.

This is one of the amazing designs we have sourced from our friend Mike over at ShootFilmCo. Read our interview with him here!



Size: 32mm / 1.25 inches across. The pin has dual silver locking devices so it's safe to attach to your camera bag, lapel, camera strap or jacket.

Customer Reviews

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Okay for a gift

seems to be okay but I feel like its not worth the £9, if they had put a hard glass plating over the top like with most badges then I would be over the moon with it but I feel like I may damage the badge and flake off the red enamel paint just by scraping it against something. I know that this not Analogue wonderlands fault but I am thinking about contacting to see if they will be making another version of it in the future as if you decide to pout this on your camera bag it will get damaged very easily.

please do not let my review put you off buying it, this is just my opinion