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A Guide to Buying Christmas Gifts for Film Photographers

Posted on October 27 2018

Christmas Pentax 35mm SLR

The Christmas Countdown Begins

We are into November and Christmas films have started to appear on the television. But if there's one thing we love more than a Christmas film, it's a Christmas 35mm Film! :-D

We've pulled together the products on our store that would make wonderful Christmas presents - you can find them here. And of course if you think of anything festive and analogue that you think would be a great addition to the Analogue Wonderland store, please drop us a line and let us know!


How to Help Your Loved Ones Buy You Film...

Concerning thought: what if our loved ones don't understand this wonderful hobby enough to know what best to feed our cameras? Or even worse, Santa gets confused and gets his elves to make 4x5 sheet film instead of everyone's favourite APS?! Disaster...

Well, fear not. We have been working hard to pull together a comprehensive guide to help your family, friends and St Nick navigate the world of ISO, formats and accessories and ensure the minimum of tears on Christmas morning.

We will update this guide frequently as the Christmas season continues and we add to our festive range so please check back in regularly to see what we've been up to!


The Film Photographer's Christmas Letter Template

The first way we could think to help was to create an easy-to-complete Christmas letter where you could simply fill in the blanks, add a stamp, and pop in the postbox to the North Pole/your parent's house/your spouse's office. Or if you're feeling fancy and digital you can over-type and email!

The template is available to download here - and for easy explanation we have completed an example below.

example Christmas Letter


What's Next?

Keep your ears peeled and your eyes to the ground (hang on...) for exciting Christmas products - and a couple of Black Friday deals as well!


Happy Shooting,

Analogue Wonderland


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