The 2019 Guide to Buying Christmas Gifts for Film Photographers

By Paul McKay

2019 Christmas Guide - Film Photography - Analogue Wonderland


The Christmas Countdown Begins

We are into November and Christmas films have started to appear on the television. But if there's one thing we love more than a Christmas film, it's a Christmas Film!

We've pulled together the products on our store that we think would make wonderful Christmas presents - you can find them here. But wait. There might be a problem here...


How to Help Your Loved Ones Buy You Film!

What happens if your loved ones don't understand this wonderful analogue world well-enough to know what best to feed your cameras? Or even worse, Santa gets confused and gets his elves to make 4x5 sheet film instead of everyone's favourite APS?! Disaster...

Well, fear not. We have pulled together three options to help your family, friends and St Nick navigate the world of ISO, formats and accessories and ensure the absolute minimum of tears on Christmas morning.

We will update this guide frequently as the Christmas season continues - we are also working hard on adding to our festive range - so please check back in regularly to see what we've been up to!


Option 1: The Film Photographer's Christmas Letter Template

The first way we could think to help was to create an easy-to-complete Christmas letter where you could simply fill in the blanks, add a stamp, and pop it in the postbox to the North Pole/your parent's house/your spouse's office.

The template is available to download here - and for easy explanation we have completed an example below.

Letter to Santa 2019 | Analogue Wonderland


Option 2: Use the new shareable Wishlist function within the site

The second option is slightly more digital... We've added a Wishlist function to our store, so that you can curate and save your personal list of films and accessories and then send them via email or social media.

PLUS it's super-easy!

Step 1: log in to your customer account on mobile or desktop

Step 2: browse the site and click 'Add to Wishlist' on any product you fancy - you can add it to a single core list or create a special 'Christmas Wishlist'

Step 3: when you're done, click on the heart in the top-right of the screen from any page in the site, and find the setting to send your wishlist! Circled below in blue

Circled Wishlish for Christmas lists


That's it!


Option 3: Gift cards

One of the most-requested items last year - we now have Analogue Wonderland gift cards available in various amounts from £10 up!

The purchaser will receive the gift card image and code(s) to their email address - which they can then print and include in a card, or write the code down and transfer in a more inventive and festive fashion (whispered by a reindeer at midnight in Lapland; spelled out in the charcoal smile of a snowman; carved on the inside of a Christmas pudding; etc etc)


What's Next?

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks for extra exciting Christmas products - and a couple of Black Friday deals as well!


Happy Shooting!
Paul and Mary

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