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Analogue Spotlight: The Live Stream

Posted on March 23 2020

Last week was originally planned to be The Photography Show - with the world's FIRST* 'Analogue Spotlight'! A collection of companies, brands and community projects focused on their love of film. An analogue bubble in a typically-digital trade show - with live demos, talks and presentations to help educate and entertain photographers of all shades.

And then suddenly - and for obvious reasons - it didn't happen!

But the community couldn't just let the moment pass without some form of entertainment/eduction. So in the absence of anything better :-) Graeme (of Sunny16 fame) and myself decided to host the first ever Analogue Spotlight ...

...LIVE Stream!

What could we promise?

  1. Entertainment - yes
  2. Education - possibly
  3. A quiz - definitely!
  4. A video interview - hopefully
  5. Giveaways of Kodak film - yes
  6. A live large format shoot, from concept to development - oh hellsyeah

It's a long video - as it tried to supplant an entire weekend's worth of fun into a single session - so please feel free to watch it in chunks!

Watch Now!

And what about the photos we took during that live shoot?

Here they are! In all their large-format glory :-)