Bubblegum 35mm Film - Dubble's Sweetest Film So Far!

Bubblegum Dubble Film

The final regular interview covering Dubble's current (!) range, we talk to Adam about Bubblegum. This film was introduced to the world in March 2018, at the same time as Monsoon and 6 months into the Dubble journey. A very different look and feel to all of the emulsions that went before, let's understand what inspired these sweet tints and colours.

Dubble film bubblegum 35mm film - analogue wonderland 


So Adam, tell us - why 'Bubblegum'?!

I think my favourite film name. I wanted this to be vague as results can vary a lot with this film but all of them are sweet. Bubblegum can be any colour, and similarly the colours that you'll get on your photos can come from anywhere on the rainbow!

We were literally looking for something sweet that popped. This took a lot of testing - a lot of trips to the lab and a lot of using friends and family as unwilling models - but I love the Bubblegum. It's very intense which is different to our other films and I’m seeing a lot of diverse and wonderful results online.


What's the best photo (in your eyes) that you've taken on Bubblegum?

photo taken on Dubble film bubblegum 35mm - analogue wonderland

This is an unashamedly and totally silly snap but these are my upstairs neighbours! They always show up either butt naked or in some costume. I'm very envious of the life they lead.


What's the best Bubblegum community photo that's come across your desk?

photo taken on Bubblegum 35mm film - dubblefilm - analogue wonderland

A really nice candid street shot and great bubblegum tones taken by @HeyHussain on Instagram. It captures all the colour and the visual interest that we intended with Bubblegum and is just really nicely composed and balanced.


And finally - where does Bubblegum's unique look really shine?

I would say bubblegum works well in all conditions - it's interesting and unique colours will always add to a scene. But it's also worth stressing that you should definitely expect to always be surprised by the results...


And that's a wrap! Four interviews covering Dubble's current (!) range of films. And if they have inspired you to try Dubble then head over to our collection page to see all of the Dubble films available to buy from Analogue Wonderland. And remember to check back tomorrow for some exciting breaking news...


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