Cinestill Film - Stock and Availability

By Paul McKay

Please note that the following statement has been approved by Cinestill.
It goes without saying that they have our full support across this transition period, and we're super-excited for what the Cinefuture holds!


Dear Wonderful Wonderlanders,

You may have noticed recently that our Cinestill 800T stock is selling out within minutes of going online. This isn’t (just) because it’s an incredibly popular film - or because we’re rubbish at re-ordering - there are also some dynamics happening behind the scenes that we wanted to share with you all.

With the continued analogue resurgence, Cinestill have found manufacturing issues and supply shortages beginning to appear as the whole industry - from raw materials upwards - are having to adapt to higher volumes.

This is clearly a Good Thing for all of us who love film.

Unfortunately it puts significant pressure on the availability of some of the best films in the industry. Cinestill’s 800T 35mm is one of those films: global demand is currently out-stripping supply by some way, as more and more photographers discover the delights of shooting Cine film. Especially in gorgeous low light, I mean...look at it!

Sample shot on Cinestill 800T film

(c) Wright Brothers, Cinestill Film 800T 35mm


Fortunately they are making proactive changes to their set-up to balance meeting demand on their flagship film, while improving their production plans for higher ongoing run rates across the entire range. They are also working hard to ensure fair treatment for all their loyal customers around the world, which ultimately means allocating stock by country and retailer.

Please note that their chemistry, temperature-control system and awesome merch are not affected by this shortage.


What does this mean for me?

It means that across the next three months you will notice that your favourite film retailers may not always have the full range of Cinestill films in stock.


How can I be first to hear of new stock?

By signing up to the ‘out of stock alerts’ on each product page. When new stock comes in, our system will automatically trigger email notifications to those people who have signed up. A couple of hours later we will also communicate to our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers - probably with lots of heart and ‘excited face’ emojis. [Ed note 8th June: we have actually just received a small amount of 35mm so don't delay ordering for this batch!]


When will stock levels be stable once more?

As soon as possible! We don't yet have visibility of an exact date (and we'd hate to disappoint you with a guess that turns out wrong!) but we will update this page with more info as the summer progresses and the supply plans are put in place.


What if I have more questions?

You can contact us at; or Cinestill directly at


Can I do anything to help?

Sure! Keep spreading the Cinestill love to everyone you meet, and join us in wishing the team over in California the best of luck in their endeavours. It’s never easy but they’re doing a great job at providing awesome products for film photographers around the world.


Happy Shooting!

- Paul

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