Digitalab Win Big at The Societies of Photographers Convention 2019!

By Paul McKay

Recognition of Brilliance

Our fantastic lab partner Digitalab brought home an incredibly impressive FOUR industry awards at this year’s Trade Awards, held by the prestigious Societies of Photographers in Hammersmith, London.

Digitalab, a family run professional photo lab based in the North East of England scooped:

  1. Best Professional Lab
  2. Best Professional Frame
  3. Best Professional Product and
  4. Best Professional Customer Service

The trade awards represent the pinnacle achievement within the UK photographic industry and form the centrepiece for the Societies of Photographers Convention, a yearly ‘feast of education’ spanning four days of power-packed training programmes for photographers, along with a comprehensive three-day Trade Show.

Awards from Society of Photographers 2019 | Digitalab | Analogue Wonderland


Jill Roe, owner and granddaughter of company founder, Bob Fountain, said “Winning these four prestigious awards at the societies convention is both overwhelming and humbling.  I am so proud of the team who have worked so hard, producing amazing quality prints and frames and giving our clients exceptional customer service.”

These awards reflect the focus and dedication Digitalab have directed toward increasing their reach within the industry. Through proactive and targeted marketing campaigns, workshops, roadshows and large-scale exhibitions, Digitalab have spoken directly to photographers of all levels.

An unprecedented year of growth has seen the company work with more photographers than ever before, whether it be prints and wall art for studio-based photographers or large-scale exhibitions in some of Britain’s most prestigious venues, it certainly hasn’t been a quiet year at the lab.


Upcoming Birthday Celebrations

With the company celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2019, the four awards have certainly provided the perfect way in which to kick off a huge year for the lab.

Business Development Manager, Alex Ingram, summarised what the awards mean for the company by saying, “We are all incredibly proud to be recognised as the Best Professional Lab in the country this year, especially as the awards are all voted for by the people who matter the most – our customers! Not only do the Lab, Frame and Product awards recognise the quality of work we are producing but the fact that we also won the Best Customer Service award means that we are making it as easy and stress-free for our photographers to order and receive these amazing products. Most of our clients are self-employed sole traders with huge demands on their time. We are committed to providing support and guidance to our customers wherever possible – becoming more of a lab partner for their business rather than simply somewhere they send their images to be printed.”

The success at the Societies Convention is only the start of a busy year for the team however. Several new product launches are coming within the first quarter of 2019 along with Workshops and Roadshows both at the lab and around the UK, ensuring that Digitalab’s 70th year will be its busiest and most successful 12 months yet.

Digitalab winners | Analogue Wonderland


Analogue Wonderland are exceptionally proud to work with a lab that has a decades-long legacy in photography, and who have been recognised at such a high level for their commitment, craft and customer service.

And you can try their award-winning service with an exclusive discount! Simply enter "AW10" at the checkout page on their simple online system to get 10% off film processing, scanning and printing. Don't wait: try now!

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