Discover the Magic of Lomography Turquoise Film: A Comprehensive Guide

By Emma Lloyd

If you're a fan of film photography, you may want to try out Lomography Turquoise film. This unique film produces stunning, vibrant hues that can add a pop of colour to your photos. In this guide, we'll explore the features of Lomography Turquoise film and offer tips for getting the most out of this exciting medium.

This film review dives into the wacky world of Lomography and their incredible creative emulsions. We will be focusing on their recently reintroduced film, Lomography Turquoise. This blog will look into the film’s history, as well as covering some tips and tricks to get the best out of your roll.


Who are Lomography?



Analogue Wonderland| Discover the Magic of Lomography Turquoise Film: A Comprehensive Guide, Lomography Logo

Lomography is one of the newer film brands on the block, branded as being spontaneous, with a candid view on photography with their motto being ‘don’t think just shoot’. They were established in 1982 with the launch of the Lomography LC-A camera. 

In 1992 LSI was founded, Lomographic Society International and during the summer the legendary 10 rules of Lomography were published: 

Rules of Lomography:
1 Take your camera everywhere
2 Use your camera any time - day or night
3 Lomography is part of your life
4 Try shooting from the hip
5 Get as close as possible to your subject
6 Don’t think
7 Be fast
8 You don’t have to know what you’ve captured on film
9 Don’t analyse your images, enjoy them
10 Don’t worry about any rules!

Keep these rules of shooting in mind with your roll of Lomo turquoise, and embrace the Lomography spirit.


What is Lomography Turquoise film?

Lomography Turquoise, previously one of the long-lost and much loved members of the LomoChrome film family, is back! Lomography received countless requests to reintroduce this special film, and in 2021 the launch was announced. We are thrilled to finally get our hands on the emulsion and give you some tips and tricks to get the most out of this new formula.

It is said that the film’s look was inspired by the vintage look of expired film and cross-processing techniques. Lomography Turquoise delivers vibrant blue and green tones with a hint of retro charm. It's a great choice for photographers who seek a distinct and dreamy visual style in their images.


Analogue Wonderland| Discover the Magic of Lomography Turquoise Film: A Comprehensive Guide, Lomography turquoise films

Lomography Turquoise is a unique photographic film known for its captivating blue and gold tones and its distinct aesthetic. It is part of Lomography’s Lomochrome family, which includes Lomography purple and Lomography metropolis. The film is available in 35mm, 120, 110 and Lomography’s reusable simple use cameras. The film uses normal C41 colour developing processes, so it is super easy for all film shooters to get experimental.


Understanding the Unique Characteristics of Turquoise Film.

Lomography Turquoise Film is known for its unique characteristics that set it apart from other colour negative films. The film produces vibrant, turquoise-toned hues - regardless of the film format - that can add a pop of colour and a dreamy, surreal quality to your photos. It also has a high level of contrast, which can create bold, striking images. Understanding these unique characteristics can help you make the most of this film and create stunning, one-of-a-kind photos.

Lomochrome films are rated differently to Lomography’s traditional colour films. You will see that the film has an ISO of 100-400, you can customise the look and intensity of the turquoise effect depending on what ISO you shoot the film at. For a stronger turquoise effect, use a higher ISO. 

Analogue Wonderland| Discover the Magic of Lomography Turquoise Film: A Comprehensive Guide, Lomography turquoise ISO



Tips for Shooting Lomography Turquoise Film


Analogue Wonderland| Discover the Magic of Lomography Turquoise Film: A Comprehensive Guide, sample image of a tree with orange sky

Shooting with Lomography Turquoise Film requires a bit of experimentation and creativity to achieve the best results. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Embrace Natural Light: 

Lomography Turquoise thrives in natural light conditions, so make sure to shoot outdoors during sunny days or in well-lit environments. The film's unique properties allow it to capture beautiful blue skies and green landscapes, so take advantage of these elements.

Experiment with Exposure: 

One of the exciting aspects of shooting Lomography Turquoise is its versatility when it comes to exposure. The film can handle overexposure quite well, resulting in a dreamy and ethereal effect. Play around with different exposure settings to achieve the desired mood and experiment with double exposures for added creativity. Remember that you can vary the intensity of the turquoise effect by changing the ISO, so try experimenting with this too.

Compose with Colours in Mind: 

The vibrant blue and green tones of Lomography Turquoise make it ideal for capturing colourful scenes. Look for subjects that complement or contrast with these tones, such as reds, yellows, or earthy browns. By incorporating diverse colours into your composition, you'll create visually striking and captivating images.

Capture Textures and Patterns:

Lomography Turquoise has the ability to enhance textures and patterns in your photos. Utilise this characteristic to your advantage by seeking out interesting textures, such as peeling paint or intricate fabrics, as well as patterns found in architecture or nature. These elements will stand out beautifully against the film's unique colour palette.

Analogue Wonderland| Discover the Magic of Lomography Turquoise Film: A Comprehensive Guide, sample image double exposure of tree and flowers


Tips for Shooting Lomography Turquoise from the community

Check out some tips below from some members of the film community who have shot this wonderful Lomo Turquoise film.

Sandeep @givemeabiscuit


Analogue Wonderland| Discover the Magic of Lomography Turquoise Film: A Comprehensive Guide, car shot on Lomography turquoise
(c) Sandeep @givemeabiscuit


"The Unicorn has returned"

The Unicorn, a mythical, magical creature rarely seen in the wild, but maybe just maybe you will spot one whilst you are focussing your lens on your favourite tree.

In the film photography world there are some films you could call Unicorn films. You have heard of them, they are spoken about, but you have never seen them.  Although if we were to mention any, someone amongst you lot will come out with a picture of your fridge full of said film!

For me, a late starter in film photography, there were all the discontinued films to dream about but there was one film that launched around 2015 in a limited run that I always wanted to try but could never find a roll, not even on the online reselling sites.  That film was Lomography Turquoise. 

Then one day on a random site that sold expired film, there it was, one roll of Lomography Turquoise in 120.  I bought it, how could I not, I had been lusting after it. The roll was duly shot, there was no hoarding it, it was shot at a car show.  I got the results back and wow, I loved it and it’s crazy colours but my joy was tinged with sadness that it would be the only roll of it I would ever try.

Roll forward to 2021, there we all were minding our own business and WHAM!! Lomography announced they were producing a new batch of Lomography Turquoise. Like many I jumped on the preorder and I ordered some rolls in 120.  They duly arrived in October 2022 and it was time to load up and shot a roll.

I headed to My Bridge (If you know, you know).  I quite often take shots in this area with new films as it gives me a reference as to the differences between films.

Lomography say you can rate this film from 100-400.  It was a bright sunny day so I opted for 200.  Nothing scientific in my decision, I didn’t want as low as 100 and I was worried if I went to 400 I might not get as pronounced a colour shift

This is probably a good time to talk about the colour shifts.  From my first roll I could see white faces go blue, greens darken, skies go yellow and red turns turquoise blue.

Analogue Wonderland| Discover the Magic of Lomography Turquoise Film: A Comprehensive Guide, St Paul's cathedral on Lomo turquoise

(c) Sandeep @givemeabiscuit

A happy 30mins shooting, all the time I had before work, the roll was complete.  Lomography Turquoise is a C41 film so can be processed at home or sent to any lab.  All my film is lab developed and scanned.  The scanning is probably an interesting point as some labs will need to learn how to scan this film and if you do it at home you will likely need to experiment a little to get it to your taste.  I simply tweaked the scans I received using Snapseed. This was generally contrast, shadow and highlight adjustments rather than anything more.  I will leave you to judge how it looks as these ‘other world’ colours may not be for everyone.  For me, who generally likes his film vanilla,i.e. normal colours, I love it. 

I find it far more interesting than the Lomography Purple. I like the sharpness it gives to the scene with the real edge between the colours.  I love the way the colours can give a whole new perspective to scenes I have shot before.  I will likely continue to shoot it at 200 but have already seen others experimenting with it at all sorts of different speeds.  I will also be trying it in low light as I had assumed it needed strong sunshine, like slide film, to really pop but am no longer sure this is correct.

I will let you decide if it is for you, I just know I will be shooting it as long as Lomography can keep making it and I hope that will be for a long time.


Analogue Wonderland| Discover the Magic of Lomography Turquoise Film: A Comprehensive Guide, sports car shot on lomo turquoise

(c) Sandeep @givemeabiscuit

Kate Hook @kateh00k

Here are some of Kate's top tips for shooting Lomo Turquoise.

  • Shoot outside! LomoChrome Turquoise, such as the other LomoChrome's, are best for outdoor photography. Shiny buildings, pale structures, lots of grass and flowers, plus sunny skies, are all you need for some sick shots.
  • Take advantage of being able to turn people blue. Think where this film would suit such an unusual distortion. Maybe at the beach, out on a beach with friends? Or at a festival, somewhere in the woods on a sunny day?
  • I like to shoot at 200iso and sometimes slightly underexpose the film by a stop and a half. I feel this makes the colours a bit more punchy and bold.

Discover the Magic of Lomography Turquoise Film: A Comprehensive Guide| nude portrait of woman taken on lomo turquoise

(c) @KateH00k



Peggy @cameragocamera


"It benefits from good lighting. The experience and effect change with the amount of light, I prefer the effects from good exposure." 

Analogue Wonderland| Discover the Magic of Lomography Turquoise Film: A Comprehensive Guide, harbour photo taken on 110 lomo turquoise film

(c) @cameragocamera taken on 110 Lomography Turquoise


Lomography Turquoise is an extraordinary film that offers a one of a kind look. With its vintage charm, vibrant blue and green tones, and versatility in exposure, this film invites photographers to explore their creativity and capture unique moments. Remember to embrace natural light, experiment with exposure, compose with colours in mind, and seek out textures and patterns to maximise the film's potential. We hope this review has inspired you to try Lomography Turquoise, happy shooting!

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