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By Paul McKay

Sharing Your Experiences

One of the things Mary and I often think about is how to make it easier for people to discover and understand new films. Whether that's people brand new to analogue photography, or experienced film-stars wanting something with a slightly different look to realise their creative vision.

But we also know that the community knowledge and experience is vastly greater than any one person's could ever be - so we've just launched some new product review software that will help tap into that knowledge and make it super-easy for photographers to share their expertise!

This means that along with the usual text reviews you can now tag films with the type of photography you think it suits best, as well as upload some of your own sample shots to illustrate your points. Now that the system is in place we would greatly appreciate it if you could make some time to review some of your best-known and best-loved emulsions - telling the wider community why you love (or don't love) particular features of the films you've shot.


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WonderPoint Rewards!

And to reward you for your time and efforts we have lifted the time restrictions on earning Wonderpoints for reviews... This means that for this weekend only you can earn UNLIMITED Wonderpoints by writing reviews - with attached sample shots - at 50 Wonderpoints a pop! Just make sure you're signed in to your customer account before you start so we know where to send them :-)

NB: offer now extended until Friday 18th October to allow for people who were away at the weekend


Some Pointers:

  • This isn't about trying to get lots of 4 and 5* reviews for films - honesty is more important than anything else! - so don't hold back on what you've experienced
  • Your sample shots remain your property and your copyright - they will be shown on the site (and some on social media) to help people understand the film - but always with clear link and credit
  • Related to that point - I'm happy for you to put your Flickr name, website or Instagram handle in your written review if it genuinely helps people see more photos taken on that film
  • If you've shot any particularly rare/less-well-known films then please start there - the clue will be if no-one else has reviewed them or shared sample shots yet! But all reviews are valuable so if you've only ever shot HP5 then we'd still love to hear your personal experiences
  • The system will shortly auto-generate emails reminding you which films you've recently purchased from us - so keep an eye out! Otherwise head straight to any product page and click 'Write a Review'
  • Please note that any reviews that are clear copy-paste, too brief to be useful to others, or suspected to not be a reflection of true experience will be removed and Wonderpoints revoked - but I'm sure that won't happen with you lot :-)

Huge thanks in advance - I'm really excited to see which films you guys love and why!

Any questions let know in either the comments below or by emailing paul@analoguewonderland.co.uk

Many thanks,


  • ok ok , ma lasciatemi provare quello che ho ordinato, almeno!!
    ….. ciao a Tutti…

  • Can’t find on your site where to leave the review and how do you get rid of the very annoying feedo thing

    Michael Eldicott

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