Get Creative With The New Polaroid i-Type Films!

By Amy Farrer

We’re all familiar with the charm of instant photography. The allure of capturing a moment and watching it develop before your eyes is unparalleled. Polaroid, a true maestro in the realm of instant photography, has been casting its spell on enthusiasts for decades and we’re a big fan of what they do. More info on how Polaroid film works here!

Polaroid has elevated its iconic i-Type Film range with an array of dazzling newcomers. Welcome to the i-Type Film family - Retinex Edition, Golden Moments Edition, and Colour Frames Edition - all of which will add a touch of colourful ✨magic✨ to your instant photos! We’re excited to stock the new i-Type Films for our budding creative film photography community and wanted to tell you a little bit about why they’re so fun to use…



Polaroid i-Type Film - Colour Frames Edition

 Polaroid i-Type Films - Colour Frames Edition

With the Polaroid Colour Frames Edition i-Type Film, you can infuse your Polaroids with a burst of vibrancy. These are the perfect choice to compliment your vibrant lifestyle and imagery, ensuring each frame shines in all its vivid glory! 

This edition boasts 8 distinct and lively coloured frames to enhance every snapshot with a touch of playful flair. The Colour Frames Edition is a playful option for those lively moments with friends and family, or when you crave that extra touch of magic for your instant captures.


Polaroid i-Type Film - Retinex Edition


Polaroid i-Type Film - Retinex Edition

Now this one really is a one of a kind gem for Polaroid which has swiftly captured the hearts of film photographers globally! But what sets this apart? The Polaroid i-Type Film Retinex Edition frames are not just borders; they are dynamic canvases that utilise light technology to adapt to their environment and unlock a realm of creative expression!

Inspired by the ingenious principles of Polaroid founder, Edwin Land, the 10 coloured Retinex frames provide an optical adventure with the ever-shifting hues that turn each red dot into a chromatic chameleon. So you really are in the front seat with the Retinex Edition to allow your artistic output to take centre stage!


Polaroid i-Type Film - Golden Moments Edition


Polaroid i-Type Film - Golden Moments Edition

Polaroid sure knows how to best highlight your most cherished moments with its collection of creative films - and the Polaroid i-Type Film Golden Moments Edition does just the job! With these you can immerse yourself in the enchanting dazzling metallic gold frames which perfectly complement the special occasions close to your heart.



Time To Get Snapping!

If you're already the proud owner of a Polaroid Now, Now+, Lab, OneStep or the new I-2 camera, then these i-Type Films are the perfect choice to elevate your snapshots. Whether you're looking to expand your collection or dive into the world of Polaroid Films, we've got you covered. They make a great gift, too!

And if you're intrigued and ready to embark on this creative journey, you can explore our selection of Polaroid Cameras. For guidance on choosing the right model, check out our comprehensive Polaroid Camera Guide - it's your go-to resource for all the information you need to get cracking.

Now, it's time to unleash your creativity! Just one friendly reminder: please resist the temptation to channel your inner Outcast and shake those Polaroid pictures. Let the magic unfold naturally, how it should. 😆

Ready to dive in?