How to Refer Friends a.k.a. Free Film for Everyone!

By Paul McKay

Give Film to Get Film

Our referral program has now been live for over 6 months and we have handed out thousands of WonderPoints! That is thousands of Points that film photographers will be able to redeem against free film, accessories and clothing in our store - as a thank you for being loyal Analogue Wonderland customers. However one question keeps coming up: how do I refer friends? We realised that this part is perhaps more complicated than the other aspects of the program - and it is also the most exciting! So we decided to pull together a quick "how-to" so that you can quickly build your WonderPoints balance, to redeem them for yummy camera food.


Step One: Create an Account

Estimated time: 10 seconds.

Click on 'Account' at the top of your screen (mobile) top right of your screen (table/computer) and fill in your name, email and password. Press "Create".

Note that this is even easier if you already have an account! Even if you made it before we began the loyalty program, if you log in with the left-hand column (email and password) you will see your points from all previous orders.


log-in to create a wonderpoints account


Step Two: Press the "Reward Program" Button

Estimated time: 2 seconds.

This is a button at the bottom of the screen that is either a small black "+" sign (mobile) or a button with our logo saying "Reward Program" (tablet or computer).

 When you press it you will get the following screen:

button to open loyalty program


Step Three: Scroll Down to "Referrals" and Copy Your Link

Estimated time: 5 seconds.

Just under your summary of WonderPoints and opportunities to spend some Points, you will find your unique Referral link. There is a 'Copy' button next to it for copying to clipboard - or you can use the quick options immediately below (Facebook, Twitter, Email, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger) to share directly.

referrals screenshot


Step Four: Share the Link with EVERYONE!

Estimated time: as much as you want :-)

Everyone who uses your link to access Analogue Wonderland and then creates an account will be tied to your referral code. This means that the first time they place an order of any size you will get 250 WonderPoints! Not only that - they will also receive a code that gives them a free Kentmere 35mm film as a thank you for becoming a customer (NB: not Colorplus as in the screenshot; due to availability).

There are no limits to the number of referrals you earn, which makes the maths pretty impressive.




We have seen people come up with exceptionally creative ways to share their link. People have shown us short-but-sweet messages (e.g. "Dave, follow this link. You know you want to. Thanks."), they have shown us clever marketing ploys ("Dear Facebook Friends, this is a great deal for you! Follow this link and YOU get FREE FILM!") and the most genius of all have put permanent links on their websites extolling the virtues of Analogue Wonderland...connected to their unique Referral link!

No-one has yet successfully referred someone else by fax, morse code, or pigeon so if you fancy a special project then please share your progress.

And most important of all: enjoy the WonderPoints, enjoy the free film, and Happy Shooting!

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