Kodak Ektar 'The Finest' - Winners!

By Paul McKay

An exciting day: the winners of our summer's Kodak Ektar competition have been announced!

We received over 900 entries into the competition, and reviewed every single one in order to choose a Grand Winner. Along the way we found so many fantastic entries that Kodak decided to award three extra Winners, and pick another 9 Special Mentions. Watch the video below to see all the discussion and winner reveals!

Special Mentions

First up: the fantastic work of our Special Mentions! Jasper Theodor Kauth, Shuya Ohno, Oliver Clarke, Sydney Eckhoff, Alex Krook, Laurence Arnold, Sergey Popov, Laura Aziz, and Renco Hatenboer respectively.


Congratulations to our Winners - Kris Lockyear, Ben Battaglia and Lewis Day respectively.

Grand Winner

Huge congratulations to Michal Tekel for this fantastic seascape - and the Grand Winner of our competition!

Thank you to everyone who got involved with the competition over the summer - all of the entries, comments, ideas and inspirations - it has been wonderful and we look forward already to the next!

- Paul and Mary from AW, and Andy from Kodak film

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