Monsoon 35mm Film - Looking Back at Dubble's First Range Expansion

By Paul McKay

Monsoon Dubble Film

It was approximately 6 months into their first year of existence and Dubble Films had already built a great reputation for consistent and interesting creative films. But they weren't satisfied with 'just' their first two emulsions: Sunstroke and Moonstruck. Instead they wanted to continue pushing the boundaries with new and more complex tints to help film photographers create cracking images. And so two new films were conceived, developed and released into the world. Let's start with Monsoon.

dubble film monsoon 35mm - Analogue Wonderland

So Adam - you know the drill by now :-) What was the inspiration for this film's look and name?

Honestly we kind of stumbled on the Monsoon while testing other tints and stopped took a double take. Something magic happens here as when the tint is colour balanced by a scanner, a kind of blue desaturated tone with strong reds. After we'd seen it we knew that we needed to perfect the tint and it would become one of our newest films.

As for the name, I used to love shooting after a big rain as the streets popped and I got the same feeling with the Monsoon. It's much more about how you feel when you're shooting with Dubble films than any direct reference to the tints or colours.


What's your favourite photo that you've taken on Monsoon?

photo taken on Dubble Film Monsoon 35mm film - Analogue Wonderland

I was in Florence and stopped this guy to take a shot. I don’t often do that as I’m super shy. I shot at f1.4 I think at a 30th and took only one photo. He puffed extra smoke for the shot and that was it. I was so happy to see the shot two weeks later with the eyes pin sharp. And needless to say I LOVE the tones of the Monsoon here. They really complete the picture with the atmosphere I had in my head.


What's your favourite Monsoon photo that's come from the community?

photo taken on DubbleFilm Monsoon 35mm film - Analogue Wonderland

I think this is a fantastic photo. Credit to @fernandajv on Instagram. To take the Monsoon film up on an expedition like this is awesome, and of course I'm loving the monsoon tint in the shadow area. A photo to really show the strength of the film, gorgeous.


And any tips on where you think the Monsoon performs particularly strongly?

Landscapes, Urbanscapes and portraits. I would say daylight is best although i haven’t tested much at night. One for the to-do list! Although I'd love to see what the community can create in difficult lighting situations as well. It's always such a pleasure to be taught what your films can do by the film photographers that are out there and totally immersed in the skill.


Thanks again Mr Scott! Now if you like what you've seen and you want to buy Monsoon 35mm then head over and pick up a couple of rolls here.

Tomorrow: Bubblegum!

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