New Website and Double WonderPoints!

By Paul McKay

You may have noticed that our website looks a little different this week!

It's funny how quickly things on the Internet start to feel dated... Over the past few months we were definitely starting to notice that seemed a little clunky, a little slow, and that some of the design elements didn't quite gel.

So Karen and I have been slowly building a new site in the background, and this week we have released it into the wild!


What's Changed?


From a functionality perspective...not very much! You can still browse an unbelievably large range of camera film, you can still get your films processed by our lab, and you can still pick up some sweet film photography merch 🤩

However you will hopefully notice that the website loads faster, especially as you move between different pages, and that the design is easier to read, particularly on smaller screens.

There are a few behind-the-scenes improvements that come with the new site - making it easier for our team to navigate the various admin parts of running a business - but the only difference you might see there is an improved efficiency of managing your orders


Double WonderPoints 🎉

To celebrate the new site we are doubling the number of WonderPoints you earn on all orders this weekend!*

This means that on every order of film, cameras, merch from the store - or developing from our photo lab - you will get 10 WonderPoints for every £1 spent instead of the usual 5.

This will dramatically increase how quickly you earn towards future film savings, and make it even easier to hit the threshold to enter Club AW.

For all the details on WonderPoints and Club AW head here!


*Ends midnight 30th July

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