Royal Mail - status update - July 22

By Paul McKay

Hello wonderful film folks,

Royal Mail have issued guidance to their staff in light of the heatwave - as soon as the temperature hits 35 degrees or above they are being advised to stop delivering/collecting mail and return to depot. (

This is to keep our wonderful postal workers safe in the extreme weather, and also means that films won’t be left out in high temperatures on delivery rounds (hurrah!)

However it will have an impact on how quickly your films arrive with you after dispatch from our warehouse - as Royal Mail aren’t picking anything up from us in the afternoons/evenings (including last night) and may not be delivering to your home.

So, this is what we’re doing this morning:

  • Loading up Chris’ car and taking sacks of parcels directly to our local sorting depot from our warehouse - prioritising the Premium shipments for folks who need their films urgently
  • Starting shifts early and working with Royal Mail to get early morning pick-ups for the rest of this week to avoid the heat

This will at least get the parcels into Royal Mail’s system as soon as possible! From that point we’re still dependent on the local network and postal workers to reach your front door, but it gives the best chance of zero delays.

Thanks to everyone for their understanding! Stay safe and happy shooting,
- Paul

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