The ChromaGraphica Double Dry Plate Holder - New Kickstarter!

By Paul McKay

Time to get excited... A new film community kickstarter has just gone live!! From the master-brains of Chroma Camera and Pictoriographica comes the:


Double Dry Plate Holder! 


Double Dry Plate Holder


What is a Double Dry Plate Holder?

The first mass-processed dry-plate holder for decades! This nifty device - compatible with all standard 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 cameras - allows you to carry dry plates ready for immediate loading and shooting.

No more buying vintage dry-plate holders from eBay and hoping they're still fully functional, plus the ChromaGraphica comes with the unique feature of a 'loaded plate indicator'. This means you'll know whether you have a plate already installed - invaluable to all of us with slightly shaky memories during the excitement of a shoot! - and minimising wasted time and shots.

Not only has the design been deliberately created to feel familiar to sheet-film holders, each unit will also work with a sheet film adaptor. This means photographers can use the holder for both dry plates and sheet film - a truly versatile accessory.

holder with plate


Backer Rewards

Campaign reward levels for single holders, in USD, are $54 (4x5), $75 (5x7), and $108 (8x10). There will be pledge options for multiple holder rewardsas well as a campaign-exclusive silver gelatin printreward, enlarged from a dry plate exposed using the prototype holder 


Where to back?

Head over to their Kickstarter pledge to get involved!

And huge congratulations to Jason Lane and Steve Lloyd for their work: I know it's been a monumental task to get the project this far. Their dedication to Large Format photography is unbelievable and I personally hope this is the first of many such collaborations!

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