The ONDU Pinhole Film Camera Just Got Better!

The ONDU Pinhole - A Wooden Miracle

Great news film photographers! ONDU is gearing up for it's 3rd generation of cameras and the improvements they're planning look INCREDIBLE! Many of you will have seen that here at Analogue Wonderland we already have some of the earlier models kicking around and *disclaimer* we love them - so let's take some time to go through what the next round of pinhole wizardry will hold. You can also head over to their Kickstarter to back the project and nab yourself an early Christmas deal with exclusive Kickstarter discounts.


New and Improved Shutter

We loved the look and feel of the old 'arm' shutters but we must admit that they made fast exposures a little difficult. They also tended to catch on things when the cameras were coming out of pockets and bags so you'd get over-exposed images.

That has now changed! The new shutter system is incorporated into the camera body and allows for shorter exposures, smooth images, and fewer accidental openings.

There's also now space for filters but that is a big enough change to be worthy of it's own heading...

ondu pinhole film camera


Filters! Magnetic Attachments!

What's better than being able to attach filters (including infrared...) to a pinhole camera? Using magnets to do so! Easy to pop on and off, and without adding significant bulk or detracting from the stylish look of the camera itself.

Each of the cameras will come with hidden magnets and a filter holder that snaps on (note that different shape of filter are needed for the Rise series)


Improved Back Window

On all the 120 cameras, so now you can use any 35mm film (along with a 35mm-120 film adapter) in your medium format ONDU without over-exposing through the back window.


Countless Tweaks

There are also improvements to some of the internal mechanics, the inclusion of a camera strap with all purchases, continued obsession with the finest materials and craftsmanship - and finally a new flagship camera under the Rise banner.



The Rise Series of Camera

This is a special set of cameras with the unique innovation of having three shutters in different vertical positions on the front of the camera. This allows you to shoot with more of the background/sky (top shutter) with the horizon in the middle (middle shutter) or covering more of the foreground (bottom shutter) - all without distorting the image by angling the camera. A fantastic idea to increase the creative options for film photographers.


Example Photos:


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