The Budget Film Photography Challenge

For those of you who were lucky enough to attend this years Photography Show, or if you are a member of the Analogue Wonderland VIP facebook group (Wonderbox subscribers and Field Camera Tier only I'm afraid) then you may know about the Budget photography Challenge. It is run by one of our Analogue Wonderland Ambassadors, Neil Piper. And in this blog we will be announcing the winner!

The Budget Film Photography Challenge| Neil and Paul at the Photography Show

Neil and Paul at The Photography Show

The Rules

The photo competition was the idea of one of our VIP members, Jon Broughton, titled the 'Budget Film Photography Challenge'. The rules were as follows:

Part 1:
  • Pick up a new camera for as little as possible...
  • Pick up some film from your favourite film provider...
Part 2:
  • Load your film into your newly acquired camera and make some awesome new pictures!


Part 3:
  • Process your film or have a lovely lab do it for you
  • Make scans/ darkroom prints/ cyanotypes/ lumin prints/ whatever the hell you wanna do with them!
  • Upload the final image to this thread
  • Cameras need to be in the spirit of the challenge- we don't want to see inherited Leica's, charity shop Hassleblads or car boot X-Pans
  • Submissions need to be new work created for the challenge
  • Submissions need to be the creations of the artist submitting the entry

Choosing your budget camera...

There were a lot of brilliant entries, below are a selection of the incredible cameras used in the competition!
  • Canon AF35m
  • Lubitel 2
  • Dacora Dignette
  • Agfa Clack
  • Concord Neon Star
  • Beirette Junior
  • Smena 8M
  • Panoramic Wide
  • Pracktica L2
  • Adox Polo
  • Readers Digest PN919
  • Cosmic Symbol
  • Canon Sureshot Telemax
  • Prinz 110 Super Luxe
  • 110 T-Snap
  • Vivitar UWS
  • Olympia Big Royal View
  • Voightlander Vitomatic II

Competition Entries...

And of course there were lots of brilliant entries too! Have a look through some of the wonderful submissions below before we announce the final winner...

The Budget Photography Challenge| Joe Horner


The Budget Photography Challenge| Stala M Gavrielides

(c) Stala M Gavrielides - Vivitar UWS with Kodak Tri-X

The Budget Photography Challenge| Martin Jones

(c) B-Movie_horror_Martin_Jones_Dacora_Dignette_Foma_200

The Budget Photography Challenge| Brian Etherington

(c) Brian Etherington-Adox_Polo-APX100(Push 200)

The Budget Photography Challenge| E Pluribus

(c) E pluribus unum-Bogdan Cirlan-Smena8-kentmere100

The Budget Photography Challenge| Janice Webb

(c) Janice Webb-lomography peacock- prinz110superluxe

The Budget Photography Challenge| Jason Lancombe

(c) Jason Larcombe, Canon telemax sure shot, silberra pan 160

The Budget Photography Challenge| Jon Broughton

(c) Jon Broughton Agfa Clack Pan F plus

The Budget Photography Challenge| Richard Alonzo

(c) Richard_Alonzo_PN919_UltraMax400

The Budget Photography Challenge| Sara Jeffery

(c) Sara Jeffery Cosmic Symbol on Silberra 160.jpg

The Budget Photography Challenge| Sara Williams

(c) Sara Williams Canon AF35M Kodak Ektar 100

And the winner is...

But of course there can only be one winner...over to Neil for the announcement!

I can say genuinely that every entry had something that I liked about it but there can only be one, finally, we can announce that the winner is...

James Stewart!

James submitted an aesthetically timeless photograph taken with his Pracktica L2 on Kodak Tri-X film and I instantly fell in love with it. It immediately hits you with that lovely crunch that is the Tri-x grain. The contrast is superb and I'm in love with that composition. There’s two scenes, even two photographs happening within the one frame. The family having their picnic on the right of the frame, and an almost ghostly second group at the water's edge. I’d believe James if he were to tell me that it was a perfectly placed double exposure...

Both could be unaware of each other yet I assume they are two parts of the same group, separated by a wonderful natural contrast line of the beautifully details vegetation against the water, that leads your eye up to the wonderful almost Infra-Red-looking glow at the top of the frame.  

The Budget Film Photography Challenge| JamesStewart winning photo

(c) James Stewart

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! Photo competitions are a great way to challenge your creativity and have some fun, and we are thoroughly looking forward to the next one! There is a booming film community on Facebook, I would encourage all film photographer to get involved, meet some friendly film folk and enjoy being part of this wonderful film community 🥰


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