WonderBox Changes - Summer 2022

By Paul McKay

The cost of film has been rising consistently over the past two years (many colour films are 30-40% up over that time period, B&W between 5-20%)

Despite this pressure, we haven't increased the price of the WonderBox since we launched it in 2020, trying to balance negotiations with suppliers and changing the mix of films instead.

However this has become unsustainable, and we don't want you to see the quality of films and goodies included each Box drop.

So we have changed the price of the WonderBox from £50 to £60, effective for your next order.

If you are a current WonderBox subscriber then you will have been sent an email yesterday (27th July) detailing this change. Please check your spam if you haven't seen it.

NB: this doesn't affect pre-paid WonderBoxes.


What does this mean?


If you are happy to continue enjoying the WonderBox then there is nothing for you to do. Thank you for your support, and we are very excited for the films that we've planned over the next few months (and yes it does include more colour!! Including some brand new launches...)

We've also renamed your subscription WonderBox ULTIMATE - read the next section to understand why 😊

However if this news prompts you to pause or cancel your subscription then I totally understand - you can easily manage that through your account page HERE.


Subscriptions: New!

We have taken the opportunity to create a less-expensive and simpler monthly subscription (the new 'WonderBox') that is available from today.

This comes in two flavours: one of them is film (2 per month) and the other is the film PLUS developing and scanning as well.

You can easily subscribe instead of your Ultimate WonderBox if you think this is a better fit for your shooting.

Head HERE to see all the subscription options!

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