WonderLab Update: We're Hiring!

By Paul McKay

The weather is improving, there is plenty of colour film available, and we're seeing hundreds of films land in our WonderLab each week 🎞 🎞 🎞

If you have been one of those to send us films recently then thank you! Particularly to those who take the time to leave us glowing reviews - it is greatly appreciated by everyone on the team 😊 I can promise you that we read each and every one.


Lab Jobs


With this jump in processing there is an inevitable pressure on turnaround that we need to fix.

We want to get back to our target times ASAP - and obviously without any compromise on quality - so are expanding the team with two folk joining us within the next week and two more roles still open!

  1. Darkroom Technician - for all the hand developing processes and techniques
  2. Photo Lab Assistant - the perfect start to a career in analogue photography

So if you've ever dreamed of working in a lab, or joining the AW family, then head here to see details and apply 👩🏻‍🔬


Examples of lab life:

Lab Life


Lab Life


Lab Life


Lab Life

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