The Big Film Photowalk: a record-breaking analogue occasion

By Paul McKay

Inspired by the success of Record Store Day, the aim of The Big Film Photowalk is to bring together hundreds of photographers - along with shops, labs, darkrooms, galleries, and workshops around the country - in a celebration of analogue image-making.

With more than 40 photowalks already planned across the UK and several more in the works - all starting at midday on the 29th June 2024 - this is expected to be the biggest concurrent UK film photography walk ever!

We are incredibly grateful to all our community partners who have committed to supporting the initiative. At last count this included: the Royal Photographic Society, Sunny 16 Podcast, LondonCameraProject, Little Vintage Photography, Solarcan, 35mmc, Shrewsbury Film Photography Club, Film Production Academy, Leicester Lo-Fi Darkroom, Tom Bob Warland Photography, Stills Gallery, LondonAltPhoto, Folk House Darkroom, 6 Towns Darkroom Club, Lux Darkroom, 6 Towns Darkroom Club, Jamie Gray Photography, West Yorkshire Cameras, Dark Art Sessions, CameraGoCamera, Hazlehurst Studios, Intrepid Cameras, and more to come.

The countdown is on!

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Ready to join in?

Independent Events

The above locations are those organised by Analogue Wonderland and Kodak Film, but there are other independent events being arranged by some amazing UK analogue photography companies and communities for the same day! Details will vary, but all with the ultimate aim of sharing local love and support for film photography.

We will update the section below with details and links as they are confirmed.

1. London Rivers Week 2024: Ravensbourne Photographic Pilgrimage – Source to Mouth. A slightly longer walk than most, at 7 hours long 😅 but a fantastic opportunity to walk and learn. "The photo walk will provide an opportunity to experience the Ravensbourne’s meandering route through time and space, conversing with fellow pilgrims about historical, ecological and communities along the way, including changes to the river (physically, geographically, socially, culturally & historically), looking at its past, present and future." Learn more here

How to get involved?

There are several ways you can get involved - and they all come down to being a passionate advocate for the wonderful world of film:

1. Join any of the events 🎉

2. If there's nothing currently planned near you then please think about hosting an event of your own - and let us know to add to this page 📸 Either a photowalk, or a gallery viewing, a workshop, a studio shoot, or anything else that you feel would be a good fit!

3. Help publicise The Big Film Photowalk - with blogs, local press, social media and any other ways you know to help 👩🏻‍💻

Ready to join in?

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  • Nothing planned in my neck of the woods (Plymouth). Not a professional by any means but would be keen to get involved – there is an Arts uni down here who I’m sure could get the word out to their students. Drop me a line!


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