AP Good Service Award 2024 - Winner! 🏆

By Paul McKay

Last night we were invited to the 2024 Amateur Photographer Awards. Amateur Photographer is the UK's largest photography magazine and digital publication, and they do a ton of brilliant work within the imaging community to support local photographers and businesses. Max our lab manager joined me for an evening of nervous anticipation...

And we WON a Good Service Award!

Here's Nigel Atherton - Group Editor at AP explaining what they are looking for when assessing whether a retailer deserves a Good Service Award:



Thank You


We were nominated and voted for by our community - you! - and the bar is set high. This means that there are lots of you that took the time out of your day to fill in an online form and describe the great service you've had from Analogue Wonderland. Whether you've ordered film, processed your films in our lab, or made contact with our customer service for any reason - asking questions or getting advice.

This is the second year in a row that you've put us forward for this award which makes it even more special - we can add it to our shelf next to 2023's Good Service award!


Paul Mckay - Analogue Wonderland win award for good service

Paul and the award last night - shot on Kodak Ultramax and Max's Canon point-and-shoot - processed super fast this morning





We were once again the only analogue specialist to win an award - and it was such a pleasure to be representing the film community in a room full of industry experts and top photographers.

Congratulations to all the winners. I must admit I started to doze a little bit when we got to the 'best digital sensor of the year' award 😂 but the levels of quality and innovation on show were truly impressive.

Here's to another year of fighting for film!


Max enjoying the Good Service Award for film retailer

Max enjoying a well-deserved break from the photo lab to eat fancy dessert 🍨


  • Congratulations, well deserved.

    Nigel Bangert
  • You are all so YOUNG and KEEN no wonder you won ! I have Loads of FILLUM in my Fridge to use up so do not ‘purchase’ much from you at the moment , left over from when I was a Pro Snapper and also loads GIVEN by Camera Club members . It is my interest in ’Messing About With FILM and Old Cameras ’ that has made me survive 6 Cancers and Type 2 Diabetes at 86 years old all my Oncologists and Surgeons have said ! Keep it up ( as The Actress said to The Bishop) --

    Peter ELGAR
  • Analogue Wonderland, Congrats on another AP win, your team and services fully deserve this massive award. Continued success to all the team at AW.
    Regards Rob.

    Rob Stammers
  • Analogue Wonderland, Congrats on another AP win, your team and services fully deserve this massive award. Continued success to all the team at AW.
    Regards Rob.

    Rob Stammers
  • Well deserved. You have found a great position in the community of film photography. The lab services are spot on with services provided.

    Keep it up

    Den Griffiths
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