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By Paul McKay

If you've used our lab in the past couple of years you will know that your photographs are sent - privately and securely - via the 'My Photos' area of your customer account.

This keeps the storage and image quality of your photos under our direct control, it avoids any legal or privacy issues of using a third party site (like WeTransfer or DropBox) to send the images, and it allows you to choose which photos you'd like to print from the roll after you've seen the scans.

✅ Safer
🤳🏼 Easier
♻️ Environmentally friendly


While we have always said that you can keep the images in storage for up to 6 months for free before we delete them to manage our storage costs, in reality we've not cleared any yet (unless people have specifically requested)

This is because we built the software ourselves, and we didn't want to start deleting any images until we were comfortable with the storage process and quality, and ironed out any bugs.


It is time

Having run the system successfully for two years now, and having had an exceptionally positive response to this way of managing scans, we are confident in the next stage.

So if you would like us to continue storing all your WonderLab scans on our secure and private servers - accessible through your Customer Account - then head here to subscribe to the WonderLab Storage!

You have until the 31st January to subscribe to either the 12 month or 6 month plan. After this date we will start to delete all images from non-subscribed customer accounts that are over 6 months old, which will continue to be our policy for all new orders.


Benefits of WonderLab Cloud Storage

When you've subscribed you will be able to enjoy:

1. Peace of mind for all your WonderLab scans
2. An invaluable back-up of your precious film memories
3. Your photography in physical form: the opportunity to add prints in a click of a button, from all the rolls you've ever had processed

All for a small annual or 6-monthly fee.

Head here to get started!

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