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The WonderBox is Analogue Wonderland's first ever 35mm film subscription offering!

- Receive 6 films every 2 months - along with some extra goodies specially compiled for you 😊

- Every week you will be sent tips, tricks, and community sample images of a film to help you learn how to get the best out of each emulsion! 🎞

- You have the unique chance to enter the WonderBox rolling photo competition every month - with film-based prizes for Winners 🏆

- You will also be invited to an exclusive Facebook group where other subscribers will share their results and answer any questions you may have 🤔

Details on Shipments

Each WonderBox contains TWO months' worth of films!

If, for example, you subscribe in September then you will get a parcel containing September AND October films, with your next packages arriving in November/January/March etc. If you subscribe in October you will receive a parcel containing October AND November films, with your next packages arriving in December/February/April; and so on.

Further details of how it works - and FAQs - can be found on our subscription page.

NB: due to a technical issue you cannot redeem WonderPoints discounts on the subscription product - apologies! You will however earn Points with the subscription scheme, so you still get the credit :-)

How to Gift

You can gift someone a set number of WonderBox shipments (remember each WonderBox = 2 months' of films!)

Simply tick the 'Prepay for your subscription' box, then select the 'Is this a gift?' option. You will be able to pre-pay the gift boxes, and choose a shipping address different to your own.

When the gift comes to its end the lucky recipient can then choose to continue the subscription with their own credit card.

How to Manage your Account

Log in to your account and visit the following link: My Account.

You will then see details about your WonderBox (similar to below) including the date of the next subscription, payment details, shipping information etc. You can easily update any of this information as well as pause your subscription if you want to skip a box.

The Analogue WonderLab

When you’ve shot your roll of film and are looking to get it developed and scanned, then look no further than the Analogue WonderLab!

We can process your film for you, scan it at the resolution you need, and email back the files quickly and securely.

We offer FREE tracked shipping to our lab so that you can send us your negatives with total peace of mind. And our lab team are all passionate film shooters themselves, so you know that your film will get the best possible treatment!

Head to the WonderLab page here to read more details, or add the bundled developing above (if available) when you purchase your film.

Please note that our long-term aim is to offer developing for every film that we sell, but this is a work-in-progress. For full details and FAQs please head here

We send all parcels via TRACKED service - free in the UK for orders of film over £50.

This means that when you buy your film from us you will be emailed a tracking link at dispatch, and will be able to follow your parcel’s journey all the way to safe arrival.

Please note that it is not a signed service so you won’t need to be at home to receive your film, and our letterbox-friendly boxes fit through the vast majority of European letterboxes!

You will have different shipping options and costs at checkout, depending on how quickly you need your film. Please refer to the Delivery Details page for full information

Get Inspired

Visit our Wall of Inspiration to read different film reviews and see images from our talented Analogue Wonderland community.

Take a look

Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Neil Seager
Wolfman 35...B&W ,,,,Fun, dark film,,, buy it, try it, enjoy it!

This was my 1st roll of this film, I knew to expect dark, moody pics ( if required of course) so I thought I would play a bit, I popped it into my Olympus Trip 35, set to Auto, took it to the woods, beach & conservatory, so quite a few light variations, then I developed it at home using ID11 1+1, , really pleased with the results, it pretty much does what it says on the tin ( cliche I know but it fits), try it, you will love it !!!

Phillip Challinor
Fujifilm Superior X-Tra 400

I got this film in the wonderbox. I was really pleased with the lovely, grainy, retro aesthetic of this film and the colour grading has a slightly ‘Soviet’ film look, which I really love. I shot it through a Nikon FM2 with Nikkor 50 1.8.

Peter Brunskill
Insanely wonderful

I had decided to try film again after about 20 years, so found an old Pentax MZN SLR which I purchased for £10 of ebay. Add £6 for battery, £8 for postage, £10 for a UV filter and £12 for a strap and it was still a bargain. My original one cost over £450 back in the day.
Anyway then to find film, and I came across these slightly wacky people at AW and ordered the Wonderland Box. 6 films come every 2 months, a mixture of B&W and Colour, some off the wall (wound the wrong way, additional effects already on the film etc) including one very out of date film (Fujifilm Superia) and some cine / Infra red / Ortho along with standard names like FP5 etc.
I started with the Fujifilm expired film and submitted one of the images, which won the November competition much to my surprise! Check out the YouTube channel / see image attached. Since then I've shot Street Candy MTN 100 and Wolfman 35 (waiting to be processed) and I have Revolog Snovlox (which adds snow to each image) and Lomography Redscale loaded into my 2 Pentaxes (yes I bought another).
As an extra, AW also process films and scan them for you - good price which includes postage. I'll be sending them all 4 very soon.
I'm hooked. Initially I thought I'd never get through 3 films a month but you definitely will. But in addition the folk at AW are helpful and fully into what they are doing, so if you have any queries they answer straight away. Take the plunge, you won't regret it. Not everything has to be Digital. YouTube video placeholder
A great way to experiment and learn about film

Each time a box arrives it's always full of interesting and varied films. The introduction videos are really valuable too especially if it's a film you are not familiar with. It is a treat that gives back in making you think about new and different ways to shoot.

Phillip Challinor
Babylon 13 and a great selection of film

In my first Wonder box Subscription, I got some great looking films. For various reasons, the only one I’ve developed yet was the Babylon 13 by Lomography. I put this in my Olympus Pen F because I thought the low ISO would make for clearer pictures given it is a half-frame camera. It does need a lot of light, this film and it is dark. I even had to lighten a little a few of the scans (expertly developed and scanned by Wonder Lab!) in Lightroom because they were so dark, even though my light meter said they were exposed properly. I was experimenting both with the camera and the film so a lot either weren’t very inspired or didn’t turn out well because I wasn’t steady enough for the slow shutter speeds needed. I do like the ones that did turn out though. This film’s got a really authentic, 1930s B&W movie quality to it. I really want to try it on my Nikon FM2 at some point and see how it looks now I know what to expect. I’d love to do some portraits of people at a really bright window with this film, for some reason… Also some street shots in really bright light.