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**FREE Tracked Shipping - for ONE parcel of your 120 films to the lab - is included with all our developing and scanning services!** 🤑 

For full details of how it works, and how you can generate the free shipping from your home, then head over to the FAQ page

What is 120 film developing?

120 film development is when we use chemistry and analogue magic 🪄 to turn your exposed medium format film into negatives that can be scanned and used for printing your images.

If you order 120 development you will only receive your physical negatives back. If you require digital images that can be viewed on your computer or phone then please select one of our scanning services!

For full details of our lab services - including FAQs about postage, chemistry and more - please read here!


How do I know what type of film I have?

It will usually say on the 120 film backing paper (or box if you still have it!)

You could also look up the film in our store by searching this page: All Film and checking its specifications.

The most common ones are colour C-41 which is the 'standard' colour negative film, and black and white (B&W).

If you have any concerns of questions about your 120 film then just drop a line to our live chat - or email lab@analoguewonderland.co.uk - and we'll quickly help you to the right choice.


What are the scanning options?

We offer three resolution options:

Scan type Resolution File Size File Type
Standard 3637 x 2433 pixels 1-2 MB JPEG
Premium 5444 x 3648 pixels 4-5 MB JPEG
Premium TIFF 5444 x 3648 pixels 50-60 MB TIFF

Standard scans will be absolutely fine for posting on social media, personal websites, emailing to friends/family, and for making prints up to size A4

Premium scans are bigger and can also be used for posting on websites that can accept larger files (and won't simply compress that back down like Instagram or Facebook) - and they can make print up to size A3

TIFF scans are much bigger file sizes, so prepare for a longer download time and more computer memory needed! The bonus of this is that they contain much more information within the same number of pixels as the Premium JPEG scans, so you can edit them yourself (in Photoshop or similar) and get much better results with strong edits.

TIFF is a 'lossless' format, so hasn't had any compression applied by software before arriving in your inbox. It also means that even though the pixel resolution is the same as the Premium scan, you should be able to print slightly larger without loss of meaningful detail - up to size A2.


What are borders/panorama scans?

Border scanning is when the film is scanned with the full width of the film to be part of the image. Panorama scanning is when your camera has taken a photograph much wider than typical image sizes, and therefore requires specialist scanning.

We offer both these services at an additional cost and it will add up to 2 days to your film turnaround time as it is a very manual process.


Develop your 120 film (medium format)

Develop 120 film with the Analogue WonderLab - and a full set of options for your perfectly tailored 120 developing service. Please note that 120 film development is the same as medium format film development.

We process 120 film, scan 120 film, and send it all back to you - with free postage into the lab! The perfect place to get your medium format film developed and scanned.

Please note that we can also develop 35mm, 110 and more on the way. Head to our WonderLab page for the full choice of formats.

At the moment we are only offering 120 film developing and scanning services for customers in the UK. This may change in the future - please join our mailing list to hear our store news.

We commit to turning your colour film around within 5 working days and your Black & White film within 7 working days.

*If you order Sprocket Scanning please note that the turnaround time will be up to 2 days longer*

This may fluctuate, particularly as it is difficult to anticipate busy periods, but if we are running later than normal then we will always let you know.

If you require a special turnaround to hit a specific deadline then please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. This may come with an additional cost, depending on the volume and the deadline, which will be clearly laid out in advance of your final decision.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Joe Vaitilingam
Accreditation Handles: Joe V
Beautifully done

Great comms and great service

Andy Maude
Old film from 1973

I found an old film in a box, expiry said 1973 but obviously used. Didn't expect much due to the age but what an absolutely amazing surprise to get such great shots back!!
The guys in the Wonderlab have been brilliant, keeping me updated on the progress!
Can't recommend enough.
P.s I know the handsome lad in the pool is me but no idea who the bride is!

Cherylee Legair
They're wizards!!

I was lucky enough to send some film into the lab for developing and scanning... and well... it's not a shock but they KNOW what they're doing. It's simple really.... the lab techs are magicians and really take care of your film; everything is so crisp and so clean. Will 100% recommend!

Doug Henderson
Engaged service and good scans

Despite the initial lab teething issues things seem to have straightened out, and I was given advice regarding rookie errors on my part about 120mm film exposure, which was much appreciated.

Jez P
Great Service and good price

I have been trying out lots of labs to find an affordable solution to develop my film. Analogue Wonderlab offered a good price and a fast turnaround. Unfortunately the ultra-quick service was not to be, but I certainly can't complain. Scans are a nice resolution and I was able to tweak them to my taste once I received them. I will definitely use them again