Hello WonderLab customer. Thank you for using our lab to bring your films to life!

Most orders have their scans sent out within the following turnaround times from the date the order is received in the lab. Please be aware that any special requests (e.g. push/pull) or unusual formats may add time to the order:

  • Colour film (C41): 7-9 working days
  • Black & White film: 7-9 working days
  • Mixed Orders (C41 + B&W): 7-9 working days
  • Slide film (E6): 3-4 weeks
  • ECN2: 3-4 weeks
  • B&W Reversal: Currently unable to accept orders
  • Prints: 3-4 working days until shipped


These turnarounds are longer than usual due to the lab move that has just happened! We are sorry for these delays. Head here to see more details, and let us know by emailing help@analoguewonderland.co.uk if you need your order expedited. We will do our best to hit your deadlines and any other requirements 😊



Important notes


  1. Our working days are Monday to Friday, and we are closed on Bank Holidays.
  2. Negatives are held for roughly 10 days after scans have been sent, this is both for quality control, and to allow you to purchase prints which can be sent back with your scans. Feel free to contact us if you would like the negatives sent back quicker 😊
  3. Delays to your order can be caused by not sending in everything that was ordered, not noting your order number down correctly, or special requests like push & pull/sprocket scanning. Please double check or call us with any questions before posting
  4. If you have sent us a mixed order of Colour and Black & White films then the scans will be uploaded to your account once all the films have been developed, scanned and edited. Scans from specialist films (E6 / ECN2) will be uploaded separately once ready, and all negatives will be sent back together.


Happy Shooting,
WonderLab Team