How Can I Join Club AW?


Simple! First up: create a customer account here

And then we reward you with WonderPoints every time you interact with our community in a positive way. That could be by writing reviews on our site, buying film from our warehouse or development from our lab, giving us a shoutout on social media, or signing up for an account.

Each of these actions earn different amounts of WonderPoints, and as soon as you hit 500 WonderPoints then you are in the Club! 🎉 



How Do I Earn WonderPoints?


There are many different ways to earn your first 500 WonderPoints and enter Club AW. So regardless of your current monthly budget for film photography you should still be able to find an easy way to join in 😊


 Action WonderPoints Reward How Often?
Buy any film, cameras, chemistry from our shop 5 WonderPoints per £1 Unlimited!
Subscribe to the WonderBox 5 WonderPoints per £1 Unlimited!
Order development from our lab 5 WonderPoints per £1 Unlimited!
Create a Customer Account 100 WonderPoints Once
Refer a Friend (they get a free film) 250 WonderPoints Unlimited!
Write a product review with sample photos* 50 WonderPoints Five times per month
Like us on Facebook 25 WonderPoints Once
Follow us on Twitter 25 WonderPoints Once
Share a kind word on Facebook/Twitter 25 WonderPoints Once per month

* You must be signed into your Club AW account before you review a product, otherwise the secure system won't recognise you and you won't get the automatic points credit. 



How Do I Spend My WonderPoints?


You can trade them for money-off vouchers at the rate of 100 WonderPoints = £1 🤑

As soon as you have created a customer account and started to earn WonderPoints then you'll see an area in your ClubAW pop-up (see below) that shows you how close you are to your next money-off voucher.

As soon as you've hit 500 you'll be able to trade it for a £5 voucher or keep earning WonderPoints at the same rate until you've got £10, £50 or even £100 worth.


Reward Scheme



How Do I Hear About The Club Monthly Offers?


If you are subscribed to our mailing list then you will get regular emails (exclusive to Club Members) with special deals, product launches, and other things that we think you'd like!

We will also update them on this page every month - so make sure you've got it bookmarked, and check back regularly!



Where Do I Find My Club AW Account?


The fastest way is by clicking this link here

If you are having any issues then you can still see all your Club AW information - including your current WonderPoints balance, your earning options, and any codes you have to redeem - by following these steps.

1) Click the little button in the bottom left of the screen - from any page on the website

2) Log in and explore the rewards options; options for earning more; redeeming codes and referring friends for extra points

3) That's it!


Club AW



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