Cinestill Film is a relatively new player in the world of photographic film, but it has quickly gained a reputation for producing unique and innovative films that push the boundaries of traditional photography. The company's history is closely linked to the world of cinema, as its films are adapted from motion picture film stocks.

Cinestill Film was founded in 2012 by brothers Brandon and Brian Wright, who were inspired by the unique look of motion picture film. They began experimenting with adapting motion picture film for use in still cameras, and soon developed a process for removing the remjet backing from the film, which is a necessary step for making motion picture film suitable for still photography.

Cinestill Film Logo

In 2013, Cinestill launched its first film, Cinestill 800T, which was adapted from Kodak motion picture film. This film was designed to be used in low-light situations, and was known for its unique colour balance and cinematic look.

Since then, Cinestill has continued to innovate, introducing a range of films adapted from motion picture stock, including the popular Cinestill 50D and Cinestill BwXX films. These films are known for their unique characteristics, including their fine grain, vibrant colours, and cinematic look.

Cinestill Film has also developed a strong following among experimental photographers, who appreciate the special results that can be achieved with these films. The company's films have been used in a wide range of photographic applications, including fashion photography, portrait photography, and street photography.

One of the key features of Cinestill Film is its commitment to preserving the unique look and feel of motion picture film. The company's films are designed to capture the essence of traditional cinematic photography, and offer photographers a unique way to explore this aesthetic. They have also introduced various home development solutions (including the temperature control system Cinestill TCS-1000) so that film shooters can work through the entire process themselves.

Overall, the history of Cinestill Film is a testament to the ongoing evolution of photographic technology, and the importance of innovation and experimentation in pushing the boundaries of traditional photography. As the company continues to develop new films and expand its product line, it is sure to remain an important player in the world of film photography for years to come.