Update - 27th March 2024

Applications are now closed. We will send out an email and advertise on social media when we open the programme up for new applications. 

Thank you to everyone that applied! 


Update - 7th March 2024 - Call Out For BIPOC Applicants

We have been thrilled with the engagement and the quality of ambassadors who successfully applied - and there are lots of exciting projects already taking seed! - but it was also noticeable that significant groups of folk within the community are not represented within the programme. The most apparent of which was the lack of colour diversity.

This is important for us to learn from - as there could be many reasons for this, including how we marketed the application process, which we are taking time to identify and understand - but in the meantime, we are keen to make an immediate correction to ensure that our Ambassador programme represents the full, wonderful and diverse UK film photography community. So we are reopening applications for the programme with immediate effect.

If you are from the BIPOC community and would like to join the Ambassador Programme, please apply via the Google form below. If you are having trouble using the form, please feel free to contact us and we can assist you.

There are many forms of diversity and we will continue to work on ensuring the Programme reflects our full community. If there are any other barriers to you signing up to become an ambassador please contact us so we can make adjustments to ensure the program is more inclusive.

We currently have 5 spaces left on the programme.


We are looking for people to help us spread the word about the joys of film photography! Specifically we want to find folk who love film photography and are enthusiastic and passionate about the positive impact that film photography has in their life. We firmly believe that creativity is more important than technical knowledge - film photography should be fun and accessible to everyone - and we want our Ambassadors to reflect those values..

So if you are evangelical about the creative possibilities of film photography, comfortable talking to camera, and would like some Ambassador-exclusive savings and perks - then this might be for you!

We are testing this program with an initial 6-month cohort. If it works well for everyone involved - and it successfully brings more new people into the film photography world! - then we will look to expand in the summer.

How to apply to become a Wonderland Ambassador

We are super excited to open up the ambassador programme - with just ten slots available in the first cohort. In order to apply for one of those spots then you need to do the following:

1. Create a 10-30 second video of yourself talking to the camera about why you love film photography 

2. Select 3 images that you have taken in the last 12 months (using the Analogue WonderLab's processing services)

3. Fill in the google form and submit your videos and images 

What do you get as an Ambassador?

1. 6 months of Ambassador-exclusive discounts. 30% off all lab services; 10% off all products in our store (on top of any other normal deals!)

2. Automatic entry into Club AW - with regular exclusive discounts, events, and competitions

3. For every video that we use on social media or in paid ads, an extra 1,000 WonderPoints deposited straight into your account

4. An exclusive referral link to track the success of the program

What do we expect from our Ambassadors?

1. A minimum of 1 video (30s-1 minute long) submitted each month to Amy on our marketing team. She will give guidance each month on the topic(s) she needs help with!

2. Regular interaction with the photography community. This will be different for everyone - it’s got to fit in with your normal lives and activities! Successful Ambassadors will agree a broad plan with Amy but ideas could include:

a. Semi-regular posts on social media / forums discussing the joy of film photography,

b. Writing a blog post for our website or a partner website like 35mmc,

c. Hosting a talk at a local camera club or college,

d. Hosting a photowalk, or ‘coffee and cameras’ social meet-up

e. Something else - ideas welcome

3. Polite and inclusive language in all public interactions. You will be an Ambassador for our values and beliefs, and we reserve the right to remove people from the programme if 

Video Tips

1. Check your lighting - Don't stand with a window directly behind you

2. Make sure the room you are in is quiet so your voice can be heard - or use audio equipment, like a microphone

3. Practise what you are going to say first and see if it is between 10 and 30 seconds in length - Keep it simple and concise

4. Shoot in portrait, head and shoulders, allowing for some whitespace around you

Next Steps

Applications are now closed.

We will confirm successful applicants by 28th March.