Are you looking for inspiration, or hunting for a film to buy that will deliver a specific look? Then this is the page for you!

Overview of the Great Choices Available: 

Pull Inspiration From the Community!

See all the reviews and sample shots submitted by our amazing community

Technically Perfect?

Try one of the Professional Range from Ilford Delta or Kodak Portra

Sample shot on ilford delta B&W film and Kodak portra colour film

Colourful and Creative?

Check out the films available to buy from Dubble and Revolog, the different types of redscale, or the uniquely movie-like feel of Cinestill


Experiment with other-worldly images by using infrared black and white film. Landscapes are traditionally the playground for infrared photographers, but you can also have fun with formal portraits and still-lifes.


In the mood for something faster than traditional analogue? Buy some instant film and push your creative limits! Dogs not included...

Curated Subscription

You can also subscribe to our 35mm film subscription 'The Analogue Wonderbox' for a curated selection of 35mm films arriving at your door every two months!