Welcome to the HARMAN Phoenix learning hub.We have set this up to make it easy for you to find all the information about this wonderful new colour film!

Behind the scenes of Harman Phoenix - video showing the launch of the new colour film

Top Tips for Shooting HARMAN Phoenix

Explore the full potential of HARMAN Phoenix with top tips from the experts on how to get the best out of the brand new 200 ISO colour negative film.

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Harman Phoenix Vs Kodak Gold vs Lomography CN100 - What You Can Expect

HARMAN has entered the world of colour film with HARMAN Phoenix 35mm, but how does it compare to other popular film stocks: Kodak Gold 200 and Lomography Colour Negative 100?

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Analogue WonderLab: How to scan Phoenix for optimal results

As an official testing partner for HARMAN Phoenix 200 35mm colour film, our Analogue WonderLab has the expertise for optimal film development and scanning.

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Halation on Film: the Enchanting Glow of Analogue Photography

Learn about halation: the visual effect that can create a soft glow around your subject. Where does it come from, what does it look like, and which films are best for reproducing the look?

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HARMAN Phoenix 35mm Film