UK Film Photography Community Fund: T&Cs

Here you can find all of the terms and conditions of application to the UK Film Photography Community Fund.

For all applicants

You must be over 18 years old to apply for the Fund. The Fund is open to anyone around the world but they will be expected to show through their application how their project benefits UK film photographers specifically and all applications will be managed in GBP currency only.

Your application will be treated within our Privacy Policy. All details you share within your application will be held in strict confidence and will not be shared with any external partners without your explicit permission. This includes intellectual property, patents pending, designs etc, and applies whether your application is ultimately successful or unsuccessful.

The decisions on funding are held entirely by Analogue Wonderland. The primary determinant in successful applications will be the scale of benefit brought to UK film photographers, but we may take other matters into consideration. This includes, but is not limited to: independent assessment of likelihood of success; similarity to projects currently in existence; ensuring a balance of successful recipients across genders, ethnic backgrounds, geographical location; possibility of the project existing past the support of the Fund.

Successful applicants would not be able to reapply for the Fund another 12 months - this will ensure that the benefit is spread amongst the community.

If you would like to discuss an idea with someone within the UK film photography community (but independent of the Fund decision-making) before submitting an application then please drop an email to with the subject on which you'd like advice, and he will find you an appropriate mentor. This could be about the project feasibility, the financial projections, or any other relevant matter.

For successful applicants

There will be steps required to ensure that your Fund allocation is being spent against the promised items, at the promised price, and with the expected results. This is simply to ensure that the contributors to the Fund (i.e. the UK film photography community) will receive the benefit promised in the applications.

Having said that, we understand that sometimes circumstances can change and you may not be able to fulfil the brief exactly as proposed. If this happens then it will be your duty to ensure that the change is communicated promptly with Analogue Wonderland and the next steps (find a new supplier/means of achieving the goal; cancel the project; delay your application until the next round; something else) are agreed with Analogue Wonderland in advance of any money being spent. This will often be a simple process, but it must be followed properly to guarantee good governance of the Community Fund.

To claim your funds you will be required to complete a simple form and include proof of payments in line with your successful application. Analogue Wonderland will only release the agreed money after review of this documentation to ensure it exactly matches the application.

You will also be expected to complete a simple report on project completion - at a mutually agreed deadline - to show how the Fund helped the project in the ways expected from the original proposal.

For unsuccessful applicants

We will try and provide full feedback on applications that are unsuccessful, including why your project didn't receive funding and whether there are changes that would make it more likely to succeed in following rounds.

However this may not always be possible, depending on the volume of project submissions and the time that we have available for managing the Fund.

Management of the Fund

We looked at several options for how to set-up and manage the fund, balancing the desire for transparency and trust with the rigours and time requirements of different options.

In short: it is a business expense under Analogue Wonderland Ltd. and falls within guidance on corporate governance. It is not a Charitable Fund - that would require an entirely separate set of legal and organisational rules within UK law, which is outside our ability to manage on top of the day job.

This means that any decisions on funding are held entirely by Analogue Wonderland. The responsibility of spending the fund and ensuring accountability of the recipients is also held entirely by Analogue Wonderland. Analogue Wonderland maintains the right to withdraw payment, ask for evidence of payment or project completion, or reverse a funding decision at any time. Analogue Wonderland also reserves the right to close, amend or remove the program and fund at any point.

Analogue Wonderland is not liable for the success or failure of any projects, regardless of whether they receive a portion of the Community Fund.

If you have any questions about the management of the fund please speak to