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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jake W. (Preston, GB)

Pyro has been a long time favourite of mine since my student days in the 90s. Initially, I started using it because I'd read that Edward Weston and Ansel Adams used it. 510 is a lot more convenient than the PMK formula I used back then and gives beautifully detailed, tonally rich negatives on every film I've tried so far. I've hit it with everything from Rollei Infrared to HP5 +, to Delta 3200 and basically 510 is going to become my go to developer. There are others I love for their particular qualities, such as Rodinal and DDX, but I can't recommend this one highly enough. Development times are not the shortest, but be patient, read the instructions and go gently. And it's economical too!

skida (Blyth, GB)
Practice makes perfect

The first time I used this developer I understood what everyone was talking about when they said it was messy. The second time I used it there was no mess at all - just great results. I have only used it with 1 to 100 dilution with standard agitation, but the image quality has been impressive, though I think the development times on the website are a little short and give slightly thin negatives.

Buster (Huddersfield, GB)
Best B&W developer out there - change my mind

I used rodinal before this as it has the shelf life of uranium and is very economical but I was blown away by the fine grain, shadow detail and sharpness of 510 pyro. For a pretty new (especially compared to rodinal!) developer there are already tons of tested times on the data sheet and I’ve always got brilliant results. I use standard ilford agitation times but I’m keen to try semi stand development with panf 50 soon.

As the description says you need to use an alkaline fixer and I’d recommend zone imaging eco fix.

Ellis T. (London, GB)
Amazing so far

I've just started developing at home, and 510 Pyro is my first developer. It's genuinely blown me away with it's ease of use, sharpness, and lack of grain. I do love grain, so may switch to using this developer for higher speed films only, but need to experiment first. Regardless, results with this developer are much more impressive to me than results I've had with standard lab development.

Lloyd G. (Bristol, GB)
510 Pyro

510 Pyro is a developer that's new to me as I'm a life-long Ilford ID-11 fanboy. Advertised as a staining low grain developer that works extremely well on Tgrain films, I can confirm low ISO films (ISO 100 – 200) exhibit less grain compared to ID-11 at 1+1 and the negatives are a dark sepia in colour.

I've seen several Youtuber's claim it to be very good – one lady said that it makes the budget films seem like professional stock. Whereas I can't confirm that, I can confirm it does a great job on ORWO's UN54 giving a tonality and contrast you get with slightly over-developed film. You get the shadow detail but without the grain and blown out highlights.

Some people will find it a messy developer, and it is thick and gloopy for sure It'll stain your work surface (and your skin) and equipment almost as soon as you open the bottle, so you need to stay on top of keeping your work area free of drips and splashes. If you use a Paterson tank you'll probably need to use the little stirring rod as inverting the tank will soon get you into all sorts of trouble with the significant other!

Will I change to using this rather than my usual ID-11? No!

Do I have any regrets about spending 25 quid on a tiny little bottle of this stuff? No!

Will I buy more when my current supply is exhausted? Yes!

The biggie – would I recommend it? Yes, most certainly!

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