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AnalogHeld Film Case - 4 x 120

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A brilliant little film case to help protect your 120 films from bumps, light, and dust!

The AnalogHeld film case holds 4 rolls of 120 film snug and safe for maximum protection.

Pocket-sized and robust, the aluminium film cases have a multilingual warning on the back to inform airport inspectors NOT to X-ray your precious films as you go through security. Extra peace of mind while travelling!

They also include small DYMO labels to (optionally) add to your case to remind you if you're carrying colour or B&W film. A useful bonus for forgetful medium format film photographers!

Please note that the metal surface of the film cases may slightly vary. Small scratches/discolourations might occur during production and transport and are the first step of creating a beautiful and unique patina for your 120 film case 😊

Also available from AnalogHeld: 35mm film cases

AnalogHeld Film Cases | Analogue Wonderland

NB: films not included - sadly!



Dimensions: 110 x 88 x 30(mm)
Weight: 65g
Materials: Aluminium


Where we ship

When you buy your medium format film case from us we can ship it across the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada (more countries planned soon!) So buy your AnalogHeld 120 Film Case today and dive back into the fun of 120 film photography!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Brian Stenhouse

Really useful for keeping films tidy and safe in my bag (or pocket!). Tin is well made and lid fits securely. The size means it slips in easily without taking up too much room.

Russell Hewes
Film Case

Great product. Keeps your film nice and safe. The case itself is very well made, with a very comfortable size - The case can fit in a coat pocket easily.

For only £10, this product is definitely worth the money.

Pete Hussey
Really neat

These little metal boxes (including the 35mm version) really are a great way to carry film securely without taking up much space. They hold four rolls of120 (3 of 35mm) safely in the sturdy container, which is enough for my sort of photography outings. The tin is satisfying to hold and slips easily into a pocket although probably not if you wear skin tightjeans!

Elizabeth Wilkinson

Absolutely great, perfect size and light weight too

Hugh Mowat
Great little tin

This tin holds 4 x 120 rolls of film. I keep mine in the fridge as I'm using Infrared film which needs to be stored in a cooler place. Very useful in the last two weeks where the temperature was unusually high for Scotland. A safe way to keep and transport film. It was a good buy.