FPP C-41 Film Developer - 1Ltr

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Neil S.
1st trial of colour developing, not as scary as I thought

Great product, easy to follow instructions, bit smelly so followed safety suggestions in the instructions, will def recommend and buy again

Jim G. (Wigan, GB)
Good Starter Kit.

I wanted to try developing colour film as I have been developing my own B&W film for quite some time and was feeling confident enough to expand my skills. Analogue Wonderland had one of these in stock I decided to give it go. It's easy to use and does have an instruction leaflet that even I couldn't mess up. Temperatures are in fahrenheit, but it's easy to convert to celcius with modern tech at our disposal. Be Warned, Blix Stinks! I'm glad I heeded the safety advice and had a mask on and plenty of ventilation when mixing and using that particular stage in the process. Apart from that stinky bit the process is very easy to follow and getting the developer and blix to working temperatures is easy with a sous vide and a water bath. I bought a big plastic tub and some jugs from a local household goods store for not a lot of cash and the tub is where I store my gear after I have finished cleaning up afterwards. As long as you keep air out of your chemicals you will get more than 8 films from this kit and extend your times as the chemicals begin to weaken through use. There is a handy video on the Film Photography Project you tube channel where Michael Raso walks us through the process that I found very helpful. I would use this product again in future. I know there are better kits than the Unicolour C41 from the FPP, but for a novice this is a good starter kit.

Andrew B. (Hindhead, GB)
First time using C-41!

Nice and easy to follow instructions (I think .. I got my son to do the mixing!).

Only small niggle was that this kit says it doesn't include stabiliser which isn't required for modern emulsions. My films were dead old so took advice from SUPER helpful Emily at AW who dug around the developing community for me. Advice was it's not a bad idea to stabilise anyway, so I bought some separately ahead of this kit arriving ... only to find it DOES include stabiliser!

Never mind, developed three films so far and all good.

EB (Bristol, GB)
Much easier than I expected!

Spent years developing BW and being terrified of C41, but it's really not that bad at all! The FPP kit comes with clear step by step instructions, chemicals are easy to mix and easy to use, and seem to produce great results. Lots of online reading has made me paranoid about the chemicals going bad after even a short time, but after 3-4 weeks in bottles the results we pretty much identical to freshly mixed.

Iain M. (Helensburgh, GB)
Great Stuff

I’ve been waiting to replenish my stock and now it’s available again. I get as good results with this as any other C41 kit. As powder, the shipping is much cheaper than the liquid kits. My current batch is 9 months old, done 18 films and still working well - stored in fridge with air displaced. Really easy to use as a 3 step process.

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