FPP Svema Foto 400 - 35mm Film

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sco (Great Yarmouth, GB)
Perfect for: Landscapes, Street Photography, Architecture
Accreditation Handles: Sco
Svema Foto 400 B&W

I put this through my Olympus Trip 35. I managed a few nice shots with not too much grain and some nice contrast but it varies a lot depending on the light and, as usual, is probably better when it's brighter. I would give it another go for sure.

@zupa_iso (London, GB)
Perfect for: Portraits, Landscapes, Street Photography, Pinhole/Long-Exposure, Creative/Abstract
Accreditation Handles: youtube.com/zupaiso
Branding better than the actual film

It is possible that something went wrong in the lab as my roll of Svema 400 came severely underexposed. Or maybe my camera got the DX code wrong, I don't know. The result was quite dark so I had to brighten up the image while scanning hence the gritty, grainy look (I think). But other than that it looks like it's a rather regular, black and white film but costs £12 for 24 frames. Sure, its packaging looks really cool and having a film produced in Ukraine on machines inherited from the former major Soviet producer gives you unlimited free drinks on every party (right?) but in my opinion, it's not worth it. If it was 36 frames long, maybe I'd try it again but right now I really can't justify the cost.

Jason G. (Bedford, GB)
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Street Photography, Creative/Abstract
Truly amazing film

To start with I did under develop this film by about 1 min from with I can tell and I am kicking myself.
But I did get 3 or 4 great shots from this and I will be ordering more for the winter. The film is slightly thin and was not the easy to load into the tank.

But even from these results you can see just how good it is. The grain is very fine for a 400ISO film and the contrast is high (the things I like in a film). comes highly reccomended.

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