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Fujifilm Velvia 100 - 120 Film

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A fantastic 120 slide film that is a better portrait emulsion than the ISO 50 variant due to the slightly subtler saturation and contrast. However landscape, street and wildlife photography will still glow with vivid colours and beautiful shades! A fantastic holiday film for medium format photographers who love slide.



Format: 120
Colour: Colour
Type: Slide
ISO: 100
Exposures: 12
Pack size: 1 / 5


To understand more about the details above you can check out our film guide or if you want some inspiration then head over to our page on choosing your next film. And if you want the full details about the film, including technical information, read about Fuji Velvia over on EMULSIVE.


Fuji is one of the most famous Japanese global brands - and along with Eastman Kodak - dominated the film photography market for most of the 20th century. However the dawn of digital photography put significant strain on it's operations and it has restructured itself (and part-merged with Xerox) around a more diverse set of industries such as digital press, computer systems, and photocopying services. It's focus on traditional film has waned (giving rise to the nickname "FujiNOTfilm") - discontinuing several lines which has caused understandable upset among loyal users and planning to cut several more. However their creation and innovation of the Fuji Instax system (the most popular instant photography format today) means they will remain relevant to analogue photography for many years to come.

For more information about the brand check out our bio of Fuji

Sample shots (c) David Sorich and Kevin Dooley


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When you buy your camera film from us we can ship it across the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada (more countries planned soon!) So buy your Fuji Velvia Film 120 Colour ISO 100 5-pack today and dive back into the fun of 120 film photography!

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for: Portraits, Landscapes, Architecture, Creative/Abstract, Travel, Studio work
Sharing with the Film Community: Yes
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This film sets the highest standards

The images I have included were taken a mamiya 645 camera or a Mamiya Press 6 x 9 camera many years ago. The colours rendered are fantastic and this film is a preferred choice of many professional photographers. Not a cheap film to purchase but the quality you get is well worth it

great when you get the exposure right!

brilliant vivid colour but poor highlights latitude

Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Landscapes, Travel
Worth the extra outlay

OK so lets get the negative points out of the way, it's relatively expensive to buy and to have processed (at least in the UK). That said, the results obtained can be spectacular and worth the out lay. I tend to use Velvia 100 for one off special occasions. This summers road trip around the Canadian Rockies being a good example. I've included a sample shot taken late on an overcast day of Lake Maligne in Alberta. What more could you ask for from your filmstock? Go on, give it a try.