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Hello Darkroom My Old Friend - Film Photography Pin

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Hello Darkroom my old friend,
Film is once again a trend,
But dev and scan fees have left me weeping,
And I hear film prices are creeping
Upwards - but a way to ease the pain

Still remains

Within the space of the darkroom

Need to get back in the zone
Learn to process on my own
Replace my blown-out enlarger lamp
Hope my paper isn't fogged or damp
Do I recall - how to get the film on the reel

Just by feel?

And touch the tools, of the darkroom

And in the orange light I saw
My print and I was filled with awe
Now I've well and truly caught the bug
But just as I was feeling oh so smug
I find that I am writing cheques - and spending even more

Than before

To fund, my darkroom

- Sroyon Mukherjee 🙌🏼


An iconic song - paid homage by this pin, a lovely addition to any camera strap, bag, or photowalk jacket!


Size: 30mm (1.18 inches) across

Materials: Soft enamel, black-plated iron base, metal clutch pin holder

Customer Reviews

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Kimberley Richards
Ace little pin!

I've been after this pin for ages, half for the pun and half for the love of film photography, and I'm not disappointed. It's a great little pin, with really vibrant colours. Large enough so you can see the details and wording easily, but small enough that you can fit it anywhere you want to. It's really well made, and a must for any film lover.