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Hello Darkroom My Old Friend - Film Photography Pin

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Hello Darkroom my old friend,
Film is once again a trend,
But dev and scan fees have left me weeping,
And I hear film prices are creeping
Upwards - but a way to ease the pain

Still remains

Within the space of the darkroom

Need to get back in the zone
Learn to process on my own
Replace my blown-out enlarger lamp
Hope my paper isn't fogged or damp
Do I recall - how to get the film on the reel

Just by feel?

And touch the tools, of the darkroom

And in the orange light I saw
My print and I was filled with awe
Now I've well and truly caught the bug
But just as I was feeling oh so smug
I find that I am writing cheques - and spending even more

Than before

To fund, my darkroom

- Sroyon Mukherjee 🙌🏼


An iconic song - paid homage by this pin, a lovely addition to any camera strap, bag, or photowalk jacket!


Size: 30mm (1.18 inches) across

Materials: Soft enamel, black-plated iron base, metal clutch pin holder

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