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JCII PASSED - Film Photography Pin

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One of the most ubiquitous stickers known to film photographers, frequently found adorning their favourite lenses and cameras - and now reproduced in pin form! The golden proof of quality was created as part of a marketing campaign by Japanese companies to assure global consumers that their goods were of the highest quality. Now you can make the same assertion about your gear!

Wear proudly attached to our camera strap, jacket, hat or backpack - this hard enamel has a deluxe locking back so will stick with you through thick and thin.

The JCII PASSED pin is one of the amazing designs we have sourced from our friend Mike over at ShootFilmCo. Read our interview with him here!



Size: 25mm / 1 inch across. The pin has a deluxe locking device for extra security.

Customer Reviews

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I give it my 'PASS' seal of approval...

As per all of Mike Padua's products, this is yet another well made quality pin. Made to replicate the old JCII quality approval stickers, which I personally find very annoying as they're always faded, scuffed or mostly pealed off...this certainly will never look that way! I wear mine with pride on my bag. I will say though, although the listing suggests your hat...dont try that because the locking back is fairly big and soon starts digging into your scalp...! Although it does a great job of making sure you dont loose your pin. Five star product.

JCII Passed pin/badge

A well-made product but a tad expensive. the pins do need to be mounted on thickish material - like a bag or jacket lapel. A bit of fun if you have spare cash. I purchased mine in a frivolous nostalgic moment. It may get pinned to one of my analogue bags - or tossed in my accessory box. The JCII labels on my Nikon and Olympus cameras and lenses are intact. It is surprising I have not removed them as I never thought they would mean anything in 2019.


Love this pin. I like to try and keep all my JCII PASSED stickers on my old manual lenses where I can, and this pin appeals to the complete geek in me. Get asked a lot about it too, as those who don't know, don't know, and those who do give me a knowing grin when they see it :)