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The JOBO Lab Kit L (Large) has everything you need to get started processing your own 35mm and Roll (120) black & white films inside the JOBO Tank 1540 at home. Now including chemicals!*

The JOBO LAB Kit L allows you to develop 35mm film and roll film (120) inside the JOBO Tank 1540.

It is a significant upgrade to the JOBO Medium Kit - allowing you to process more rolls of film with greater consistency! This is thanks to a larger developing tank (the 1540 model), larger scaled bottles (1L instead of 600ml) and the inclusion of JOBO's custom manual roller base. The roller base matches with the 1540 tank to allow for rotation developing that uses less chemistry than inversion and delivers more consistent results.

*While stocks last


Two reels 1501 (included) can be fitted inside the 1540 Tank. This means that two 35mm films or  120 films can be developed at the same time. You can also purchase extra reels to develop 4 x 35mm films at once inside the 1540 tank.

The red clip prevents the films from overlapping. The cascade film washer allows for economical and efficient rinsing. Your black & white film reaches archival standard within just 5 minutes of rinsing.

The included JOBO graduates allow the user to precisely measure chemistry/ liquids and the the two scaled bottles included ensure proper storage of developer and fixer chemistry.

Make sure your chemistry is at the optimum temperature for your needs (normally 20o) using the JOBO precise thermometer. The kits film clips are great for hanging your prized film so it hangs perfectly straight whilst it dries.

The 1500 JOBO tank system is a highly modular, efficient, and economical roll film processing system - so it can scale with your home developing needs.


What is Rotary Processing?

Rotary film processing uses the JOBO 1540 tank and roller base to develop the same number of films but using less chemistry and with less variation.

The tank is laid on its side, on top of the roller base, and gently rotated throughout the developing process. This means that you only need enough chemistry to cover the bottom 'half' of the tank at any one time, and you don't need to worry about over- or under-agitating the film through the process.



With upgrades versus the Medium Kit highlighted in red

  • 1 x JOBO Tank 1540 (inkl. 2 x reel 1501 but with capacity for 4 at once)
  • 2 x JOBO scaled bottles (1L)
  • 1 x JOBO graduate (260ml)
  • 1 x graduate (20ml)
  • 2 x Set Film Clips
  • 1 x JOBO Colour Thermometer
  • 1 x JOBO Cascade
  • 1 x JOBO roller base

FREE Chemicals included:

  • Tetenal Paranol Developer (0.25L)
  • Tetenal Superfix Fixer (250ml)
  • Teteanal Mirasol 2000 Antistatic (250ml)
  • Tetenal Indicet Stop Bath (1L)

This is all the 'hardware' needed to get your exposed film through to fully developed and dry, ready for scanning/printing! If you wish to add printing trays and a red safelight then check out the Developing and Printing Starter Kit!

Please note that you will need a darkroom/changing bag/light-tight environment for first loading your films onto the developing reels.

If you have any questions or concerns please get in contact and we will be very happy to help.

The Analogue WonderLab

When you’ve shot your roll of film and are looking to get it developed and scanned, then look no further than the Analogue WonderLab!

We can process your film for you, scan it at the resolution you need, and email back the files quickly and securely.

We offer FREE tracked shipping to our lab so that you can send us your negatives with total peace of mind. And our lab team are all passionate film shooters themselves, so you know that your film will get the best possible treatment!

Head to the WonderLab page here to read more details, or add the bundled developing above (if available) when you purchase your film.

Please note that our long-term aim is to offer developing for every film that we sell, but this is a work-in-progress. For full details and FAQs please head here

We send all parcels via TRACKED service - free in the UK for orders of film over £50.

This means that when you buy your film from us you will be emailed a tracking link at dispatch, and will be able to follow your parcel’s journey all the way to safe arrival.

Please note that it is not a signed service so you won’t need to be at home to receive your film, and our letterbox-friendly boxes fit through the vast majority of European letterboxes!

You will have different shipping options and costs at checkout, depending on how quickly you need your film. Please refer to the Delivery Details page for full information

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