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Kodak Hypo Clearing Agent Powder - 3.8L

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Kodak Hypo Clearing Agent saves water and washing time by shortening the amount of time needed to rinse your films and prints after developing.

It works by actively breaking down the fixing chemicals to reduce washing time by up to 80%!

e.g. a film that normally required 5 minutes of a running water wash can now be cleaned with hypo solution (and agitation) in 1 minute; fibre-based prints that normally take up to 20 minutes of running water can be washed with hypo in just 3 minutes!

This pack contains 502g of powder which is enough to make 3.8L of stock solution for easy storage. To make up the working solution to the required volume for a specific darkroom session, dilute the stock solution with water in 1:4 ratio.

Stock solution can be kept in an airtight dark bottle for up to 3 months. Alternatively you can keep the powder fresh and make up working solution as needed. Maximum flexibility; minimum waste!


Form: Powder
Size: 3.8L (stock) 19L (working solution)
Capacity: 100 rolls +
Perfect for: Faster and more efficient rinsing


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When you buy your developing chemicals from us we can ship it across the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada (more countries planned soon!) So buy your Kodak hypo clearing agent today and dive back into the fun of film development!

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Good product

I use this to save water washing my films. It’s easy to mix, but you need to use it up, as I’ve had it go off if kept too long,.
I decant it into used water1L bottles and date them , this means I can squeeze the air out as I use the product.
I’ve used Ilford Washaid too which is also good,