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pixl-latr - Multi-Format Film Scanning Mask

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Looking to get your film photos from your negatives onto your computer or phone 🤳🏼 but don't want to invest in a flatbed scanner?

pixl-latr is here to help! And it works across 35mm, medium format, and 4x5 large format - with further options available for 110 or APS (printing files downloadable from

Simple, fast, and effective digitising.

When first launched on Kickstarter in 2018, pixl-latr was backed by over 2,000 film photographers 🙌🏼  and is now available for direct sale from Analogue Wonderland!

This latest version (v1.3) includes some modifications and improvements to the original design and is officially "Recommended" by Amateur Photography magazine.


How it works 

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For more information, and a detailed guide to how pixl-latr works, then head over to the pixl-latr website here


pixl-latr in use

Customer Reviews

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Jim Graves
Just Ticketyboo

I have been dipping a toe into medium format film photography and I had been looking at buying a mask so I could chuck the piece of black card I had been using and do it a bit more professionally. Bodges are OK, but there comes a time when your negs need something better. There are several options on the market for silly prices and the Pixl-Latr is the cheap and cheerful one, but that doesn't mean it is lacking in quality. I like the design and the versatility of the Pixl-Latr to handle a range of film sizes that are most popular and there is also a few options for extra parts you can 3D print for slides etc. I also love the ease and speed I picked up the method of using the Pixl_Latr. There are a few simple instructions on the box and in a booklet and I was using it in a few short minutes. There's no moving parts, just interchangeable gates to suit your film and a diffuser. It's so simple and holds my film flat giving excellent scans with my DSLR. It's as easy to use laying flat on a light box for DSLR scaning as it is standing on the two legs supplied with it and shining an led light through it from the back for quick phone scans. I recommend this to anyone using 120 medium format, 4x5 large format and 35mm.

Luke Farmer

This is a pretty cool alternative to taping up a bit of glass. The rubber feet hold it in place really well.

Roger Whitworth
Good, but......

I bought this as I needed a scanning mask for 120 negs, using my DSLR, and this seemed to be the thing to have. I had exposed a roll of Lomography Metropolis of some rather interesting graffiti, all bright colours in a drab setting, perfect for Metropolis. When the time came to scan the 6x9 negs, using this device, I made the cardinal sin of not making sure everything was dust free, and as I pulled the film through this scanning frame there was a spec of dust got caught under the frame that absolutely ruined the negatives as I pulled them through, particularly the best frame on the roll....typical! Lesson learned there!
As for the design and use of this frame it is quite good but probably no better than a hole cut in black card.......!