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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Heather G.G. (Chichester, GB)
Awesome Bit Of Kit

I purchased this to scan my negatives with as I now want to be responsible for taking, developing, scanning and eventually printing my own shots. I have combined using this with Negative Lab Pro and I have been very pleased with the results. It takes minutes to set up the hardest bit is getting the focus right on the negatives, once that's sorted I can whiz through a 36 exposure film in minutes. I just need to set up a permanent copy stand to make life easier as its the setting up of the camera that takes the time.

@zupa_iso (Brighton, GB)
A bit flimsy but a decent budget choice

It's a decent, although rather basic, scanning mask for home DSLR/mirrorless scanning. It's modular construction allows for scanning multiple formats (135 film, 120 film and even bigger formats which I haven't tried).

Pixl-latr is easy to use but a bit flimsy, especially when it comes to holding the film in place when changing frame. The weakest point is after you've placed your film in the mask and you need to flip the mask over so the diffusion panel is at the bottom. As there are no firm clips to hold everything together, the film stripe often moves a bit while doing it so you need to fix the alignment. Also every time you want to advance the film you need to open it up, move the stripe, fix alignment etc. So the process is a bit fiddly and can take a bit of time.

But once you get used to the whole process, pixl-latr might be a good budget solution if you don't scan a lot of film. It's well built and the diffusion panel turns almost any light source into a soft light you need to scan the film. Remember that the quality of your scans will mostly depend on your camera, lens, light source etc. Scanning mask plays far less important role here.

Paul W.
Genius invention.

All film sizes in one. Brilliant! I made a plywood lightbox, fitted it with a cheap LED diffused light 240v which supports the mask giving an even light source. This cancelled any light shadows from the taking lens appearing on the negative. Well worth the money. Buy one!

Wes H. (Lancaster, GB)
A Step Towards A Good Scan

After posting on 35mmc and reading all the articles surrounding the different film holders, finding myself like many drifting towards 120 film, I was drawn to the price and 'one-stop shop' solution the Pixl-latr offered. Honestly, it's 3D printing roots show through with difficulties had getting a truly flat film plane, and similarly the need to get the masks for light creep at the edges, as well as a slightly fiddly way of moving the frames along.


It works! You can do the different formats, with a little tape it will create a flat film plane, and also mask the worst of any light creep- and for such a low entry price compared to other options, plus easy availability and community support, it's worth giving a try- I've found with practice and time, results are improving, and the workflow pace increased. I would suggest anyone who is deciding with DSLR scanning vs. Flat bed reflects on how much time they really want to spend getting it done; DSLR isn't the quickest, especially whilst you learn to get all the pieces in sync, and I've seen just as pleasing results from Epson V-series, which require less hands on time.

Nothing is perfect, and if you are desperate for the best quality and results; send it to a lab like the Wonderlab (please, for the love of everything, make 120 C41 and E6n happen, I know you would do an amazing job- take my money!).

K. (Greenwich, GB)
Absolutely love it

Had mine about 9 months now I believe and I really love using it. For camera scanning, it is a fantastic option at the price! There are more expensive options that have more features but the jump in price is a little ridiculous honestly. Big fan!

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