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Polaroid Scan Adapter - Scanning Mask

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Analogue Wonderland and Cameradactyl have come together to solve the worst problems of scanning Polaroid images on a flatbed scanner! The Polaroid Scan Adapter helps you to scan your Polaroid 600 or SX-70 images easily, efficiently, and completely eliminates the dreaded Newton rings that usually come when scanning Polaroids on a flatbed scanner.

Why use a Scan Adapter?

  • Facilitates perfect vertical alignment on all images
  • Black plexiglass functions as a strong contrast to your polaroids, allowing easy and fast cropping
  • Newton rings no more! The Scan Adapter has been carefully crafted to separate your polaroids very slightly from the glass of your scanner, eliminating Newton rings completely
  • Finger holes are cut into each panel, allowing you to easily remove your polaroids after scanning. Just push your finger through the back and your polaroids will pop right out!


Important Points

  1. Scan Adapter Trays come with a protective paper covering on the front and back to keep the plexiglass safe during shipping. Please remove this protective paper before use.
  2. Scan adapters are hand-assembled and may have some small glue markings on them; these will not affect the performance of the tool so don’t sweat it!
  3. The Scan Adapter works best using double-sided tape to secure your Polaroid films but will also work great with a small amount of blu-tack or similar; just be sure your images fit nice and flat against the tray before scanning.

Easy, convenient, and leaving you in total creative control!

Where we ship

When you buy your medium format scanning mask from us we can ship it across the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada (more countries planned soon!) So buy your Polaroid Scan Adapter today and dive back into the fun of bringing your polaroid film to digital life!

Customer Reviews

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Simple but effective scanning adapter

The scan adapter is a great tool to aid in scanning Polaroids without having Newton rings and misaligned photos.

Very simple operation, just add double sided tape to the back of your Polaroid shot, and place the adapter into the scanner.

Well worth the purchase if you shoot a lot of instant film.