Revolog 460nm - 35mm Film

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sarah (London, GB)
Perfect for: Creative/Abstract
Very yellow

With the name 460nm I expected very blue/purple results, but my roll came out almost entirely with a green/yellow tinge. The pre-exposed colour comes through more strongly in shadows.
In this sample shot you can see a streak of purple amongst the yellow.
Revolog is one of those brands where you have to be open to unexpected results!

Kate S. (San Francisco, US)
Perfect for: Landscapes
Accreditation Handles:
Inconsistent, but when it works it’s absolutely amazing

One of my favorite photos came from this film. Although some of the others turned out quite strange it doesn’t even matter because when it works it works. I love how it made the whole scene almost a watercolor effect of purple and pink hues. Will be shitting with this again

Joe W. (Norwich, GB)
Perfect for: Creative/Abstract
Accreditation Handles: @joewalden01 on instagram

My results were very interesting. I wasn't knowing what to expect so the surprise was quite nice. Definitely doesn't expose quite how I expected it to for a 400 speed film. However, it provides some interesting images nonetheless.

Maya B. (Notting Hill Gate, GB)
Perfect for: Landscapes, Creative/Abstract, Travel
Inconsistent but lovely violet tones

This film turns the whole scene into a blue/violet haven. I have a lot of love for this film, but I find that it’s not very consistent from batch to batch. In general, I always overexpose this film by 1 stop, sometimes more (you can do this with certain cameras using the exposure compensation dial). If your camera doesn’t have that function, you can set the ISO speed to lower than 200, say 100. This tricks your camera into thinking your film has a lower sensitivity to light than it actually does, hence the camera overexposes the film to compensate for this. When it works, Revolog 460 nm is great, but when it doesn’t the resulting photo is a dark mess.

I'm attaching two sample shots, one I consider a 'good result' and one I consider a 'bad result' which is too dark.

Archie L. (Birmingham, GB)
Perfect for: Creative/Abstract, Low light/Night
Accreditation Handles: Instagram: @archierowanlocke
Night Photography Only

This film makes everything blue/pink.
I find the film is not great for day shots and should only be used for blue hour-night photography. Alot of my daytime photos came out bright pink which can become gimmicky after the first couple of photos. Daytime photos should be overexposed by at least one stop as alot of detail got lost in shadows.
However, this film renders night photos perfectly with skin tones being accurate, but also adding blues and saturated colours. These photos rival Cinestill 800t.

Overall, I would only buy if you have a passion for night photography or enjoy 'weird' pink/blue photos.

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