Revolog 600nm - 35mm Film

Exposures: 36
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Emily J. (Maidenhead, GB)
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Beginners, Landscapes, Street Photography, Creative/Abstract
A nice subtle experimental film

I prefer this one over the Kolor film as it changes the colour on your film in a nicer more gentle way with greens and some light reds. This film would be good for beginners wanting to start branching out into the crazier films but don't want to risk ruining your photos. I took my photos at golden hour and I really like how they turned out!

Ellie S. (Liverpool, GB)
Perfect for: Landscapes, Creative/Abstract
Dreamy pinks

This film produced photos with mainly pink but also but/purple/red/dark green colour tones. I really liked the resulting photos, the only downside is the unpredictability of the film, as you don't know which photos are going to have pink colour tones and which will have a dark green colour tone; however, some people may enjoy this.

Claire (Stowmarket, GB)
Perfect for: Creative/Abstract
Creative and distinctive

I used this film in a cheap and basic camera and developed at home so my results may not be the most typical of this film, but that's part of the fun. I enjoyed the limited palette and dreamy feel of this film, but having said that, I didn't love it enough to desperately want to shoot it again. One to try though, if you want something low key but different.

Sierra R. (Saint Marys, US)
Perfect for: Landscapes, Architecture, Creative/Abstract, Travel
A fun and unique film

I love shooting these types of films. It's inspiring to try something new and different. That being said, I had issues with this film. I do scanning and developing myself, and I'm still a bit new at the whole process, so getting a result I liked with this film was a bit difficult. I can only assume my exposure was off in-camera, for my results aren't quite like the sample photos. Nonetheless, I would try this film again and still like the final photos.

Chuck (Swindon, GB)
Perfect for: Street Photography, Creative/Abstract, Travel, Low light/Night
Great experimental film

When slightly over-exposed, this film yields bluish hues, but reddish tones when used in low light - the palette may be limited, but the results are very rich & dreamlike. Your photos will always be surprising & the more low-tech the camera you use, the more startling the results!

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