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Revolog Lazer - 35mm Film

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The film that Jedis would make if they had the technology - arcs of light bend across the emulsion (including sprocket holes!) to produce unpredictable and unique interactions with your subject.



Format: 35mm
Colour: Colour
Type: Negative
ISO: 200
Exposures: 36
Pack size: 1


To understand more about the details above you can check out our film guide or if you want some inspiration then head over to our page on choosing your next film. And if you want the full details about the film, including technical information, read about Revolog Lazer over on EMULSIVE.


Revolog's films are unique and creative in the extreme. Each roll is hand-made with processes that will create beautiful overlaid colours or shapes on your final images. Based in Austria this small firm (Hanna and Michael!) are passionate about giving film photographers new options and opportunities to experiment and create. Sometimes mis-spelled as Revelog!

For more information about the brand check out our bio of Revolog


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When you buy your camera film from us we can ship it across the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada (more countries planned soon!) So buy your Revolog Lazer Film 35mm Colour ISO 200 today and dive back into the fun of 35mm film photography!

Customer Reviews

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Hetty Earwicker
Perfect for: Beginners, Creative/Abstract, Low light/Night
Sharing with the Film Community: Yes
Accreditation Handles: @hettyearwicker
Super fun !!

This is the first and only revolog film that i've used and i must say i was pretty happy with the results. I found that it worked really well when using an external flash in low light and the effect showed up strongest in the darker parts of the photos. There were a couple of pictures that didn't work out, but every photo had a unique and substantial amount of 'lazer' effect on it. Would definitely recommend this film if you're for something a bit different, good for parties + events !

Perfect for: Beginners, Street Photography, Creative/Abstract, Travel

This film delivered some wacky results, not what I was expecting. There was a lot of artificiality in them, which you either like or not.

Maya Beano
Perfect for: Beginners, Creative/Abstract

If you love experimenting just for the sake of it, this is for you. Funky streaks of light galore.
Wouldn't use it all the time though.