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Silberra Color 100 - 120 Film

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Silberra are not revealing how they have produced the Silberra Color 100 film - and frankly we don't have much information about it! But whenever Silberra send us a film they tend to be pretty brilliant, so we're excited to see what comes back from the lab 😊

The information we do have comes via KosmoFoto's recent article (with a lot more background and additional info - that can be read here)

“This film... was coated by special order and we hope to have a kind of exclusive rights for it since the next coating.

“To avoid direct comparisons with different brand names we may say that it was made to provide natural colour rendering with slight shift to magenta. 

“This tint comes and goes with ISO: the lower is the ISO – the less is the tint. Push or pull processing of the Color films won’t shift colour render significantly, but it will enforce or degrade magenta tint also.”


Format: 35mm
Colour: Colour
Type: Negative
ISO: 160
Exposures: 12
Pack size: 1


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Silberra were formed in Feb 2017 as an arm of a Russian company that distributes Ilford and Foma across the country, as well as running one of Russia's top film photography shops. Since beginning the journey to create their own brand of film (in partnership with a local factory Micron) they have worked tirelessly to overcome the various obstacles and issues in pursuit of their goal: to make a new set of films from scratch that will deliver exceptional results to film photographers around the world.

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