Silberra U200 - 35mm Film

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Theo H. (Richmond, GB)
Perfect for: Landscapes, Architecture, Low light/Night
Accreditation Handles: theo_hembury (Instagram)

Firstly, the physical film is very thin (comparable to printer paper) which is an odd feeling in the hand. I use the Lomography Digiltaliza to scan my film and the thinness of the film made it ever so slightly difficult to lie flat – not a deal breaker though.
Online I had heard that this film is prone to light leaks for the first few frames, which I accounted for. However, I found there to be light leaks throughout the film; frame 1, frame 19, frame 34 to name a few. There was no knowing or pattern to when the light leaks occurred and sadly, some shots of mine that I’d have otherwise liked were ruined.
I shot 1 roll of Silberra U200 using a Nikon F5, which has exhibited 1 or 2 light leaks in the past over many rolls of film, however, they have been very uniform in appearance. My F5 was used for 3 rolls of film (Silberra U200 being the last) in rapid succession, and the other (Ilford) rolls had no light leaks. The sprocket holes on the film also exhibited signs of light leaks and do not contain any of the film/frame number information like other films do. I have attached images in this review of the light leaks. If anyone has any further ideas as to what caused this I’d love to know!
On a more positive note, I love the look and contrast that comes from this film. The low ISO means that this film isn’t too grainy. I took a few frames on this roll (that weren’t ruined by light leaks) that I really really like and am proud of.

Final thoughts: Would I shoot this film again? Unsure. It’s different from using more conventional B+W films, so is a welcomed change. Also, I LOVE the look that this film gives images which is enough for me to use it again. However, it has been disheartening to have images I’d have otherwise really liked and wanted to print etc ruined by the unpredictable light leaks. This film won’t be a staple in my camera bag, but will likely be purchased and used again.

Yant (Chesham, GB)
Perfect for: Landscapes, Architecture, Creative/Abstract
Accreditation Handles: Insta @yantmk
Sparkling highlight's

I've only shot the one roll but like the results. The photos came out looking like Ilford Ortho I thought. In the sunny shots I got lovely sparkly highlights. Looking forward to using it again.

Jack C. (Northampton, GB)
Perfect for: Great All-Rounder, Portraits, Landscapes, Architecture
Accreditation Handles: IG: @jackcroftsdigitalportfolio or
I wish I had tried this film sooner!

I was bought a few rolls of Silberra films a few years ago. I thought that they would be pretty interesting to shoot but always put off shooting them. Yesterday I shot and developed my first roll and I was totally blown away by this film. As a 200 speed film, it has an incredibly fine grain. The film base is completely transparent which might help with the fine grain of the film. The sharpness of the film was the real selling point for me. I don't normally shoot portraits but I would really like to give it a go with this film.

I would really like to see a 120 version of this film developed in the future!

I am super excited to shoot the other rolls I was gifted, a 100 speed and a 400 speed.

I developed the film in D-76 (stock for 12 mins) and scanned with an Epson V800

Jason G. (Bedford, GB)
Perfect for: Street Photography, Creative/Abstract
Great film

I was going to give this a 3 and not 4 but after looking at the finished results I gave it 4.
Very high contrast and fine grain. I was testing a camera I had just brought so it was more of a test film.
The down side is the film is very thin and I had major problems loading the film on to the spiral. But it developed fine. Also in the box it gives you developing times for different chemicals.

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